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Robespierre Courtney is a contemporary of Wednesday Addams, who developed a crush on him. His parents are Henry and Eleanor Courtney.


Wednesday was so infatuated with young Robespierre that she started to wear her hair in a ponytail and was constantly hoping he would call her on the telephone. At one point, she got so upset waiting for his call that she let the trains run for 20 minutes without crashing.

Robespierre's mother, Mrs. Courtney, had initially told her son she didn't want anything to do with "those cooks". However, she changed her mind when she found out the Addamses were related to Abigail Quincy Adams, one of the most socially prominent women in America. Intent on getting her name published in the society pages, Mrs. Courtney accepted Morticia Addams's invitation to visit the Addams family for tea.

Upon the Courtney family's arrival at the Addams Family Mansion, Wednesday threw love dust (acquired from Grandmama) into Robespierre's face. Mrs. Addams asked the children if they wanted to go play in the cave or the swamp, two options that Robespierre wholeheartedly refused. He then reluctantly agreed to go play with the trains.

After learning that Grandmama and Abigail Adams were not one and the same and that Abigail was not welcome in the Addams house, Eleanor Courtney called for Robespierre in order to leave. Robespierre entered the living room with a piece of train track tied around his neck. He explained that Wednesday she made him blow up a train before she tried to put him under a guillotine. After the Courtneys had left, Wednesday inquired where Robespierre was. Morticia told her to forget about him, to which Wednesday answered that she had already forgotten about him because Robespierre wouldn't even play with Pugsley's octopus.[1]





Powers and Abilities[]

As a human, Robespierre has not supernatural powers or abilities.






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The Original Addams Family Series

Season Two




  • The interior set for the Courtney house is the same set that was used for the Post house in the 1961 sitcom "Mister Ed".

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