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Af moloney

Robert Moloney (born 1965) is a Canadian actor. He is best known for playing Professor Alistair Gryffen in the TV series K-9. He made his first TV appearance as Kevin McSwain in Highlander. In 2001, he appeared as Borren in Stargate SG-1, and in 2008, as Koracen in Stargate: Atlantis. Next to his appearances in film and television, Robert also appears in theatre. For his role in the play Clybourne Park, Robert Moloney got the Jessie Richardson Theatre Award as best supporting actor.

Early Life[]

At six years old Robert wanted to be a stuntman. By age thirteen, he found himself dreaming of being a director. At fifteen, his passion had turned to special effects make-up. Then as the fates would have it, a high school drama teacher forced Robert to play Barnaby Tucker in Thornton Wilder's The Matchmaker in the schools lunchbox theatre. Terrified for his life, Robert took to the stage on the opening day, barely able to breathe. When the ordeal was over he asked the director "What were they laughing at?" Dumbfounded, the director replied, "You, you idiot, it was hilarious!"

At 26, Robert was accepted to Studio 58, the Theatre Arts program at Langara College in Vancouver, and he began his training. Thanks to the unparalleled patience and dedication of the teaching staff, Robert graduated and began his professional acting career at the tender age of thirty!

Personal Life[]

Living in Vancouver, Canada, Robert is an avid outdoor enthusiast and environmentalist. When he's not acting he can be found at the climbing gym, on the ski slopes, at the tennis courts, or supporting humanitarian or environmental causes.


Moloney played Rob in The New Addams Family series premier, "Halloween with the Addams Family".