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"What do you want me to tell the press? You know they're going to be swarming like mosquitos in July."
-Deputy Ritchie Santiago to Sheriff Donovan Galpin

Deputy Ritchie Santiago works alongside Donovan Galpin in Jericho's police department.

She appears in the Netflix show Wednesday.


Ritchie Santiago is the deputy in Jericho's police department. She is almost always seen accompanying Sheriff Galpin.

In "Chapter I: Wednesday's Child Is Full of Woe", Ritchie Santiago was investigating Ethan Hanson's death when the sheriff arrived on scene. She explained to him where some of Ethan's body parts were, as they had been separated from his head. After Sheriff Galpin told her to not approve of any campfire permits and to keep hikers out of the woods, she asked what she should tell the press. When the sheriff tells her to tell the press that it was a bear, she asks him if he believes that, to which he replies that he doesn't. He then tells her that he thinks the murders are connected to Nevermore and that until he can prove his theory, they will tell everyone it's a bear


She is always seen wearing a deputy outfit.


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Powers / Abilities / Weaknesses[]


As a normie, Ritchie displays no supernatural powers or abilities.


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Sheriff Donovan Galpin[]

Sheriff Donovan and Ritchie are co-workers.


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Wednesday Series

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  • In one version of the pilot script, Ritchie is stated to be in her 20s.

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