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The Addams Family (TV Series)[]


  • Cousin Imar: Has three arms. Went to Princeton University.
  • Cousin Eustace: Has a long neck.
  • Cousin Grisly: A portrait of him hangs in the hall as he faces a firing squad.
  • Cousin Bleak: Had a drooping middle eye and once had a bunch of boll weevils that got into his hair.
  • Cousin Curdle: Morticia's cousin who had at least one eye at the back of her head.
  • Cousin Farouk: Had his leg jutting out of the swordfish hung in the mansion.
  • Cousin Clot: Gomez's cousin who died in an electric chair.
  • Cousin Creep: Fester's laughing and giggling cousin who was lost to a ray gun.
  • Cousin Gripe: Used the "Hasty Marriage" marriage broker
  • Cousin Melancholia: Morticia's constantly bereaved cousin.
  • Cousin Blob: Afraid of ghosts until he became one himself. Had two heads.
  • Cousin Slimey: Morticia's two headed cousin.
  • Cousin Manuel: Gomez's pyromaniac cousin.
  • Cousin Nanook: Sent the family a totem pole. Fester calls him an eskimo-giver.
  • Cousin Cringe: Morticia's cousin who ate the hacksaw in the cake that was made for him and later developed a taste for them.
  • Cousin Crimp: Had the family harpsichord for over 400 years, used to write four-handed compositions for the harpsichord and play them by himself. Had a glass eye and two heads, one male and one female.
  • Cousin Galileo: Had a swimsuit.
  • Cousin Grope: Has three ears.
  • Cousin Slosh: Gomez's cousin who went down the city sewer in a "fit of pique", completely disowned the family, and "made a whole new life for himself"
  • Cousin Plato: Gomez's cousin who has two heads.
  • Cousin Droop: A cousin who dropped the mirror that Gomez modeled toupees for Uncle Fester, for luck.
  • Cousin Squint: A cousin whose leg in the swordfish is all they could save of him.
  • Cousin Trivia: Gomez's cousin who found a job after she got out of the WACs...wax museum.
  • Cousin Fungus: Gomez's cousin who lived in the cave at the back of the Addams Mansion's tunnels for 30 years.
  • Cousin Cackle: Gomez's writer cousin that has lived in the caves beneath the mansion for decades.
  • Cousin Turncoat: A cousin who's turning in.
  • Cousin Vague: An abstract cousin.
  • Cousin Caliban: Gomez's cousin with two heads from Grandmama's side whose head sculpture is a gift for Grandmama.
  • Cousin Slump: He was a brilliant nuclear physicist once but then started running around Los Alamos in a three cornered hat and powdered wig.
  • Cousin Goop: A cousin who really knew how to look for a job, but never found one.
  • Cousin Ahab: A cousin who ended up much like Cousin Farouk and and Cousin Squint.
  • Cousin Ptolemy: A cousin who might have been in a gorilla suit at the halloween party.
  • Cousin Sloth: A cousin who plays the banjo.


  • Aunt Vendetta: Living in the attic.
  • Aunt Blemish: Mistaken for the old Addams barn.
  • Aunt Drip: A portrait of her hangs in the mansion.
  • Aunt Trivia: A deceased woman who wasn't a music lover but liked to go around kissing harpsichords. Sent them broken dishes.
  • Aunt Phobia: Morticia's aunt whose sleeping bag Gomez once hid a nest of hornets. She had two right feet.
  • Great-Aunt Deliria: Gomez's great aunt who was engaged to a chimpanzee (but got jilted).
  • Millicent von Schlepp: Gomez's pretentious aunt from Iowa.
  • Aunt Anemia: Gomez's Aunt Anemia is in a portrait painting where it originally depicted her with a beard and moustache after Uncle Fester splashed hair restorer on it.
  • Aunt Singe: Morticia's Great-Great-Great Aunt Singe, who was burned at Salem, is described as a witch and whose ashes are in an urn.


  • Uncle Blight: Known as "Kiss of Death", who masterminded the presidential campaigns of Al Smith, Wendell Willkie and Adlai Stevenson.
  • Grand-Uncle Grizzly: A traitor who apparently only did it for the money.
  • Uncle Crimp: Has one arm longer than the other.
  • Uncle Droop: Very particular about where he wanted his ashes placed. A portrait of him in civil war regalia hangs with popped eyes.
  • Uncle Flub: Morticia's uncle who has a fine, sensitive, drooping chin, prone to tremble, and cannot write.
  • Uncle Tic: Had two left feet.
  • Clump: Uncle Fester's deceased brother who he claimed was the "quiet one" when they held a seance to talk to him.
  • Uncle Faustus: Buried in the family cemetery, rattled his chains during a game of hide and seek.
  • Uncle Morbid: An uncle who Morticia told to be of good cheer.


  • Grandpa Squint: Living in the attic. Abraham Lincoln begged him for his political support but he instead backed Stephen Douglas. Had a medical book.
  • Grandpa Slurp: Was mistaken for two people in a photo, has bucked teeth and a receding chin.
  • Grandfather Malaprop: Fester's grandfather who is still alive.
  • Grandpa Droop: Morticia's grandfather who gave her stock certificates for her twelfth birthday.
  • Blob: Gomez's great-grandpapa who pried the "Great Star of the East", the sacred ruby from the head of a Hindu.
  • Pegleg Addams: Gomez's great-grandfather who was wanted by 15 countries for piracy. Wore a pegleg just for appearances. Buried at sea with full military honors - handcuffed, blindfolded and dropped off a plank.


  • Grandma Squint: She can be heard on dark, stormy nights from the attic cackling
  • Slice: Grandmama's Great-Great-Grandmother Slice (who sharpened the guillotine and was "The belle of the French Revolution").