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"I don't remember this one coming in. Full rigor. You've been dead a while. Guess you won't mind waiting another day for me to cut you open."
-Dr. Anwar about Wednesday[src]

Reggie Anwar was the coroner in the town of Jericho who looked after deceased bodies and stored them in freezers. He died on the 9th of November 2022.

He appeared in the Netflix show Wednesday.


He appeared in "Chapter IV: Woe What a Night, while Wednesday and Thing were infiltrating the morgue in search of evidence to aid in the investigation of the Hyde case. Dr. Anwar and Sheriff Donovan enter while Wednesday and Thing are searching inside body compartments. Wednesday quickly hides on a cooling board in a compartment of the morgue's body freezer. Thing hides inside a fake skull. The sheriff departs after a brief discussion of the current case, leaving Dr. Anwar in the morgue with Wednesday and Thing. He noticed one of the freezer doors slightly open and investigated, where he found Wednesday pretending to be dead. He fell for her act and closed the freezer door. He then exited the morgue.

Although it was not shown on camera, it was revealed in "Chapter VII: If You Don't Woe Me By Now" that Marilyn Thornhill had killed him with a bullet to the head and made it look like he committed suicide.


He was an older man with graying black hair and brown eyes. He was seen wearing a blue sweater vest with a tie.


He was kind to others, having planned to take his wife on a cruise for his retirement.

Powers / Abilities / Weaknesses[]


As a human, Anwar displayed no signs of having powers.


  • Mortician Skills: As a coroner, Reggie is required to know human anatomy as well as how to perform an autopsy.


  • Mortality: As a normie, Reggie was able to be killed by ordinary means, like a bullet to the head.


Mrs. Anwar[]

It can be assumed that Anwar and his wife had a good relationship, as he planned to take her on a cruise for his retirement.



"It's a real noodle-scratcher."
-Reggie Anwar to Sheriff Galpin about Fabian's left foot[src]


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Wednesday Series

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Wednesday Series


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  • His phone number was (5) 533 827-3072, as shown on the sheriff's victim board.
  • He owned a Colt .45.

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