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Realtor is a retailer site online where houses can be put up for sale or for rent.


Realtor introduced a Halloween advert on The Addams Family. It was available in 2021. The Addams Family Mansion can be featured on the site ran by Barry Coffins.


There's a cross-promotion with the 2021 sequel, a variety of print, digital, and television advertising was released.

The commercial features Wednesday using a phone looking up houses on Realtor while Fester gets concerned but wants to be interested in looking for a house. The female TV announcer explains what Wednesday is doing on Realtor, as she's exploring more of the site and taking 3D tour of the mansion, then Fester mentions it's his 2 favorite things and tells the viewers about seeing The Addams Family 2 in theatres everywhere on October 1, then taking a 3D tour of The Addams Family spooktacular home on, the commercial ends with Fester reading to each their home.


  • On Realtor, The Addams Family Mansion is one of the houses seen on the site where it can be put up for sale worth $2,500,000, and its address is known to be revealed 1313 Cemetery Lane, New Jersey. The landlord for the house is Barry Coffins where is number is 1-844-226-8221.
  • Fester can be seen popping up on Realtor on-screen where he smiles twisting his head and winking his left eye, a possible reference from The Addams Family (2019) where he does it in front of Margaux.
  • Viewers are able taking a 3D tour around the mansion, or look at pictures of the inside.
  • The description explains on Realtor what the house has: 8 beds, 9 baths, 1 dungeon, 1 bottomless pit, 3,700 sq in, 3 acre lot Undisclosed number of secret chambers and passageways.