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"Don't you remember being full of hope and excitement about the Rave'N?"
-Marilyn Thornhill to Larissa Weems[src]

The Rave'N is the Nevermore ball. The ball is organized around a specific theme. Punch and refreshments are served, and it is implied that, at least on some occasions, the punch is spiked. Students can invite each other to dance and apparently invite normies as partners; for example, Enid Sinclair goes to the ball with Lucas Walker.



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Theme: Goth and Glamour. It took place during a rainy night on or around October 22, 1990[1] when a local Garrett Gates was killed outside in the Quad, seemingly by Gomez Addams. In actuality, Gomez was covering for his girlfriend, Morticia Frump, who actually stabbed Garrett after he assaulted Gomez. The case was covered up by Sheriff Walker, and it was not revealed until it was discovered by Wednesday Addams thirty-two years later that Garrett was already dying, having been poisoned by Nightshade during a failed attempt to kill all the Outcasts at the Rave'N by pouring it into the punch.[2]


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Theme: climate crisis meets extinction effect. This Rave'N was notable for an act of vandalism by three local normies, Lucas Walker, Jonah, and Carter. Lucas got into the event by convincing Enid Sinclair to bring him as her date, then, towards the end of the night, opened a back door to allow Jonah and Carter to enter. The three boys had filled a water truck with red paint made to imitate blood. This was hooked up to the dancehall's sprinkler system, which was then turned on, covering the room. As most people were wearing white or light colors, the effect of the red paint being sprayed was immense.

Outside of the ball, Eugene Ottinger was conducting reconnaissance of a cave believed to have contained a Hyde when Wednesday had a psychic vision of him being attacked by the monster. She ran out of the dancehall after Eugene but failed to reach him before he was attacked and left in a coma.[3]


A DJ is present in front of a large ice statue.





  • Dancing


The Rave'N takes place at Nevermore Academy.


"Oh my God! Wednesday Addams is going to the Rave'N. My whole world is tilted!"
-Enid Sinclair to Wednesday Addams[src]


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  • Jenna Ortega choreographed the dance she did at the Rave'N.
  • The Rave'N is likely a play on Edgar Allan Poe's poem The Raven, which is also where Nevermore Academy gets its name from.

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