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"An energetic monster of a boy... blond red hair, popped blue eyes and a dedicated troublemaker, in other words the kid next door... genius in his own way, he makes toy guillotines, full-size racks, threatens to poison his sister, can turn himself into a Mr. Hyde with an ordinary chemical set... his voice is hoarse... is sometimes allowed an occasional cigar"
-Charles Addams

Pugsley Uno Addams is a member of The Addams Family created by cartoonist Charles Addams.


Pugsley was first portrayed as the oldest child of Morticia and Gomez Addams, but later was shown to be younger than Wednesday. Originally unnamed (as were all of the family members), the character who was apparently the prototype for Pugsley first appeared in the Charles Addams cartoons in The New Yorker during the 1930s. In the television series, Pugsley usually eats over five pieces of cake at birthday parties.

When the characters were given names for the television series The Addams Family, he was originally going to be called "Pubert" (a derivation of the word puberty, possibly a reflection of his age), but it was rejected as it sounded too sexual, and the name Pugsley was chosen instead. The name Pubert was later used when Gomez and Morticia have a baby in the film Addams Family Values.

The Original Addams Family Series[]

In the original television series, Pugsley is played by Ken Weatherwax. This incarnation of the character is more jovial and inventive; he displays outlandish engineering skills, including the invention of a disintegrator gun, an anti-gravity gun, and other devices. He and Gomez created a computer named Whizzo and a robot named Smiley (played by Robby the Robot). In an early episode, "Morticia and the Psychiatrist," the rest of the family is concerned that Pugsley is engaging in behaviors they consider "odd," i.e., wearing a Boy Scout uniform, playing with a puppy, etc. When sent to a psychiatrist, Pugsley tells of boyhood incidents involving hangings and grenades, with no clue that others might find these accounts unusual. Pugsley and his younger sister Wednesday play together, sharing an interest in dynamite, spiders, and other dangerous "toys."


He also has a pet octopus named Aristotle. In the original cartoons, he is often shown at a pond in a city park with other children, but while the other children released generic toy boats, Pugsley would release a submarine, a leaking oil tanker, or a raft with a castaway on it.

The New Scooby-Doo Movies[]

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The Addams Family (animated 1973)[]

In the 1970s, there was an animated series about the family, in which Pugsley was voiced by actress Jodie Foster. In the second animated series, beginning in 1992, Pugsley was voiced by Jeannie Elias.

The Addams Family Fun-House[]

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Halloween with the New Addams Family[]

In the 1977 TV movie, Ken Weatherwax played a grown-up Pugsley, who has become a witch-doctor. In the interval between the original TV series and this movie, his parents had had two more children, who look just like the original Pugsley and Wednesday. He is known as Pericles Addams in Spanish-speaking countries. He is known as "Feioso" (ugly) in Brazil.

The Addams Family (1991)[]

In the film The Addams Family and its sequel, Addams Family Values, Pugsley (played by Jimmy Workman) is a much less intelligent character. He acts as an unwitting accomplice to his sister Wednesday, who makes attempts to inflict lethal harm upon him, although he has returned the favor on occasion. He also appears to be younger than Wednesday. He and Wednesday open a lemonade stand, but their drinks are toxic, causing Lurch to spit flames when he tries it. At the end of the first film, he dresses up as Fester for Halloween.

The Addams Family (animated 1992)[]

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Addams Family Values[]

In Addams Family Values, Wednesday and Pugsley are sent to Camp Chippewa, a summer camp, where they are forced to participate in a Thanksgiving-themed play entitled A Turkey Called Brotherhood. Pugsley is cast as a dancing turkey and leads the children in a chorus of "Eat Me"; He is later seen assisting Wednesday in overthrowing the camp counselors and setting fire to the grounds.

Addams Family Reunion[]

In the third film, Addams Family Reunion, Pugsley (now played by Jerry Messing) behaves (for the most part) similarly to his previous two film incarnations and is the heaviest out of all other incarnations than himself. At the Addams Family's family reunion, he falls for a young girl named Gina Adams.

The New Addams Family Series[]

The 1998 series The New Addams Family features Pugsley, played by Vancouver native Brody Smith. He is exactly the same as his original 1960s incarnation, however the influence of director John Bell's namesake Charlie 'Edge' Bell is undeniable.

The Addams Family: A New Musical[]

In The Addams Family Musical, Pugsley (originated by Adam Riegler) is distraught over the fact that Wednesday (now clearly a lot older than him) has fallen in love with someone and has no time to torture him. Pugsley attempts to give Wednesday a potion to bring out her "dark side" to make her boyfriend Lucas leave her, but through a chain of events, this eventually backfires. Pugsley's actions led to many of the conflicts in the second act.

The Addams Family (2019)[]

In the 2019 animated film, Pugsley undergoes his Mazurka ceremony by doing a reading (which is just a howl and a scream) before getting ready for a sword duel. He grows facial hair like his father, but as he engages in the swordfight, Pugsley fails and falls on his face. He then apologizes to Gomez, saying he let him down; however, Gomez replies that he'd let Pugsley down because he'd been so focused on doing things the traditional way that he forgot to let Pugsley be who he was, thus reassuring him that he is nonetheless an Addams. Pugsley uses his love of bombs and destruction to defend his family and home from an attacking mob and manages to destroy their trebuchet.

The Addams Family 2[]

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Wednesday Series[]

Pugsley is introduced in "Chapter I: Wednesday's Child Is Full of Woe". Wednesday finds Pugsley locked in his locker and tied up with an apple shoved in his mouth. After she opens the locker, he falls to the ground on his back. After she removes the apple from his mouth and questions him, she begins to untie him. When Wednesday touches his wrists, she throws her head back and stares at the ceiling for a short period of time. After her vision, he asks her if she is okay. She leaves him on the ground, still mostly tied up.

Wednesday then goes to the school's pool and announces that only she is allowed to mess with her brother before dropping piranhas into the pool.

Pugsley is seen sitting in the Addams family car, up front in the passenger seat next to Lurch. He looks less than enthusiastic about his parents' singing. While Lurch was driving, a bunch of birds flew into the car and died, startling him.

After Wednesday is done with her orientation, she meets the family outside wearing her new school uniform. After Morticia tells Pugsley and Gomez to wait in the car, he goes up to Wednesday and hugs her. She tells him that he is weak and will only last two months without her. He tells her that he will miss her too and enters the car.

In "Chapter V: You Reap What You Woe", Pugsley says that he misses having his sister around and confesses that he didn't think he would miss being waterboarded by her as much as he does.

When Gomez is arrested, Pugsley is beside himself with sadness. He sits on the pier of a lake near the campgrounds in Nevermore Academy by himself and stares out to the water. Once his sister arrives, he originally tells her to leave him alone, but when she hands him his fishing gear and sits down, he tells her to stop being nice. She tells her that Gomez packed his favorite bait, grenades, and he asks about what will happen to his father now. He throws a grenade into the water, and it explodes, killing a school of fish and bringing them up to the surface. Pugsley, with tears in his eyes and voice, says that he's going to miss Gomez. He tells Wednesday that she needs to find out the truth and free their father. She tells him that he needs to be strong, then throws a grenade into the water for good measure.


He is a pre-teen boy (stated to be eight years old in the pilot but ten in the second episode) who is almost always seen wearing a striped T-shirt and long shorts. In all incarnations, he is overweight.

In the Wednesday series, he has short black hair and brown eyes. He has light freckles.

Pugsley wears the signature Addams colors, black and white, in his outfits. Usually donning a striped t-shirt and black pants. He wears a gray coat when sitting at the table while visiting Wednesday on Parents Weekend.


In this first incarnation, he was portrayed as a deviant child with a vicious nature, shown committing deplorable acts with his sister Wednesday, sharing the same dark personality and being fascinated with death. In most incarnations of the character, Pugsley had an unusual hobby of stealing road signs, which he used to adorn the walls and door of his bedroom.

In the Wednesday series, he is a stark contrast to the diabolical and demented past versions of himself, as he is shown to be meek and traumatized after being bullied at school, unlike the past versions, who are barely flinching after being subjected to various tortures that can easily break a grown man. He cares very deeply about his family. He has the charm that comes with being a part of the Addams family, displayed when instead of using the traditional fishing method, he prefers using grenades. He is also friendly to his family in the animated Addams Family movies and even cares for Wednesday.

Powers / Abilities / Weaknesses[]


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  • Demolition: Pugsley is skilled at blowing things up with his many explosives.


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Morticia Addams[]

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Gomez Addams[]

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Wednesday Addams[]

"Wednesday: It has to warm up.
Pugsley: Why?
Wednesday: So it can kill you.
Pugsley: I knew that."
-The Addams Family

Wednesday is Pugsley's older sister, and they have a nice siblingship but do not outright say they love each other. They often use dark humor or the like to show how much they love each other. Wednesday herself makes fun of Pugsley, but she'll be very overprotective whenever someone hurts him, showing that she loves him and that she only jokingly makes fun of him.


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Uncle Fester[]

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Kitty Kat[]

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Aristotle is Pugsley's pet octopus. When Pugsley gets distracted with whatever's happening, he tends to forget to feed Socrates, leading Socrates to hold up a sign that says "Feed me".[4][5]


Ichabod is sent to wake the children, and in an attempt to make Wednesday happy, he slams Pugsley into the house.[6]


Dalton is Pugsley's bully. Dalton and his friends tied Pugsley up, put an apple in his mouth, and shoved him into his locker, where Wednesday later found him.[7]


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Appears In[]

TV Series[]

The Original Addams Family Series

The New Scooby-Doo Movies

The Addams Family (animated 1973)

The Addams Family (animated 1992)

The New Addams Family Series

Wednesday Series

Films and Other[]

Mentioned In[]

Wednesday Series


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  • Most fans of the series disappoint at the Wednesday series version of Pugsley since past versions of Pugsley laughs and enjoys being subjected to extreme tortures while Wednesday version cries after locked in a locker room.

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