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The Play Room is a room in The Addams Family Mansion.

It usually housed Grandmama's stockade, the iron maiden, the bed of nails, the rack, and other such fun items. Lurch once brought Mr. Harris there so he could rest on the bed of nails, although Gomez called it the Guest Room.[1] Tired of sharing, Morticia had twin beds of nails installed.[2] She turned it into an art studio when Sam Picasso stayed there.[3] They called it the Code Room when Pugsley set up his shortwave radio in it.[4] Gomez and Pugsley built Whizzo there,[5] and they and Uncle Fester built the robot Smiley there.[6] When Gomez and Fester recreated a battle of Admiral John Paul Addams there, they broke the plumbing for the fourth time.[7] Fester practices his conjuring there.[8] Fester used it for a photo studio,[9][10] and for some reason they brought Lurch there when he needed doctoring.[11] Gomez challenged Dr. Chalon to a duel with the rapiers on its wall.[12] The Addams Family held a seance there on Halloween.[13] When Gomez was sleep-burgling, he stashed the loot there.[14] Gomez and Fester ripped Delilah, the stuffed vulture, off the wall to decorate their neighbors' house.[15] It was Kitty Kat's favorite room, and he liked to explore the secret tunnels.[16]

When Morticia and Gomez first met, it appeared to be merely a storage room.[17]


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