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Af maloney

Patricia Anne Maloney (born 17 March 1936) is an American actress.

Born with dwarfism, she is best known as Honk from Far Out Space Nuts, as Lumpy from the Star Wars Holiday Special, and as Darla Hood from the animated TV series version of The Little Rascals.

Since 1982, she has also been an animation voice actor, worked on the Monopoly game show pilot, and even operated the Crypt Keeper puppet in Tales from the Crypt. Maloney appeared in Ernest Saves Christmas with California native Buddy Douglas as Santa's two elves. In 2011, she appeared as herself in Hanlet: Episode 4½ – Attack of the Phantom Special, an independent documentary film about the making of Star Wars Holiday Special.


Maloney played Lois Addams in the original film.