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Parker Needler is the neglected and depressed daughter of Margaux Needler.

The opposite of her mother, Parker is more open-minded, and has a liking for when things are different.

Having no actual friends aside from Layla and Kayla, Parker spends all her time blogging on her phone. She meets Wednesday Addams, who is equally disappointed with her life, which leads to them forming a bond with each other. With Wednesday's help, Parker finds her true self as a Goth instead of a pretend "peppy" girl in bright colors, much to the shock of Margaux.

When Margaux tells Parker to come with her, Parker refuses, saying that she is staying with Wednesday. When Margaux tries to get her daughter to change her mind by saying that the Addams family are freaks, Parker replies, "If they're freaks, then I'm a freak," before informing the townspeople that they are all freaks as well.


  • Parker tried telling her mother about the Addams' mansion before she was surprised by the view of it from a house.
  • Parker gives Wednesday a unicorn hair clip. Coincidentally, in her youth, Elsie Fisher, who voices Parker, voiced Agnes, a girl who loves unicorns, in the movie Despicable Me.


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Parker was voiced by Elsie Fisher.

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