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"Outreach Day is an opportunity for Nevermore students to visit the nearby town of Jericho and get to know their Normie neighbors. Building a sense of community with our Normie neighbors is an important aspect of every student's time at Nevermore."
-Nevermore Academy Official Website [1]

Outreach Day is an awareness day in Jericho attended by Jericho residents, Nevermore staff, and students.


Despite being assigned, students sometimes switch places since it is random; for example, Wednesday Addams was originally assigned to Uriah's Heap; however, she trades with Enid Sinclair her assignment and takes the one she got, in this case Pilgrim World. Xavier Thorpe wanted to trade his assignment to Weathervane with Ajax Petropolus but was unsuccessful.

Students are expected to be on their best behavior as they are representing the school in town.

Notable Outreach Day[]

In 2022, Nevermore students are invited to discover the different activities of Pilgrim World. In the middle of the day, Mayor Noble Walker and Principal Larissa Weems inaugurate a fountain dedicated to Joseph Crackstone, the founder of Jericho. Seconds later, the fountain explodes. As the crowd flees in panic, Larissa and Noble discover that the culprit is none other than Wednesday Addams.


Each Outreach day, students are given assignment slips at random in the Quad at Nevermore Academy, after which they are taken by bus into Jericho and travel to their assignments at local businesses. These businesses range from Uriah's Heap, Weathervane, and Pilgrim World.


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"In the spirit of outreach, she's Nevermore's first normie teacher."
-Larissa Weems to Noble Walker about Marilyn Thornhill[src]


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