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Outcasts is a colloquial term used to describe people in the world with abnormal abilities, such as psychics, werewolves, and gorgons. Those without any of these abilities are described as "normies." There is tension between normies and outcasts, as both sides have attacked each other at myriad times in the past. These terms are introduced in the Netflix series Wednesday.


During the 1600s, in Jericho, Vermont, dozens of outcasts were chained up in a town hall and burned alive by Joseph Crackstone, a leader of the community, and a Normie bent on destroying the outcasts. Goody Addams, Wednesday Addams' ancestor, was one of those whom Crackstone attempted to kill, but she escaped and swore to enact her revenge. Eventually, she killed Crackstone and cursed his soul with a spell that could only be broken by one of her descendants. [1]

In 1791, Nevermore Academy was formed to look after and teach outcast children. At the same time, Ignatius Itt formed the Nightshade Society (which is revealed to have been founded by Goody) to protect outcasts from normies who would cause harm to them. [2]


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