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Ouija: Wednesday is a two-to-four player game for ages eight and up. As of May 2024, it is $29.99.


"At Nevermore Academy, the outcast and the weird are commonplace. Enter Wednesday Addams, as strange and dark as they come. After being forced to attend Nevermore by her doting parents, unusual things begin to occur around her. Spurred by supernatural visions, Wednesday turns to the spirit world for answers. You can seek knowledge from the spirits with the Wednesday Ouija® Board. What do you want to know?" - Official description from the back of the box


"If your spectral vision is impaired, then there’s no better way to communicate with the spirits than with your very own Wednesday Ouija board! Inspired by the frightfully-fun Wednesday Addams, this game board features all the fun and spooky details that any fan is sure to love." - Official description


"Grab a friend and pose your questions, using the planchette to help guide the spirits, revealing truths from beyond the veil. Patience is key to creating a strong bond, but with a clear mind and strong will, your link to the spirits beyond will spell out truths you seek...if you dare!" - Official description from the back of the box


  • One glow in the dark ouija board
  • One planchette with a clear lense
  • Three glide feet to place on the planchette
  • Instructions on how to use the ouija board


  1. "Treat the spirits with respect
  2. Never use the board alone
  3. Never play in a graveyard
  4. Ask clear questions
  5. Always say Goodbye."[1]


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