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This unfortunate Nurse sits at the desk in the waiting room. She sees smoke coming from Morticia and assumes she has a cigarette. She then goes to inform Morticia that there is no smoking allowed inside, only to be horrified when she realizes the smoke is just coming from Morticia herself. The nurse then drops to the floor horrified and runs away squealing.

The nurse appears with a doctor checking Festers heart rate, which has some very odd results. The doctor then briefly checks Festers nerves by tapping his knee cap. Fester reacts and accidentally punches the nurse as she stumbles cross-eyed, before quickly hitting the floor unconscious.

Later, in the waiting room Morticia and Gomez are trying to salsa dance. Gomez throws nearby syringes like darts towards a wall but only just misses the now conscious nurse. She screams in horror before fainting once again.

Later still, the nurse and the doctor are trying to resuscitate a patient. Uncle Fester intervenes without them realizing when he electrocutes himself and acts as a human AED. The patient then miraculously wakes up and the nurse congratulates the doctor only to now realize it was all Fester's doing. Both the nurse and doctor faint and hit the deck, out cold.


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Background Information

She was played by Kymberly Sheppard.