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"The locals are a tad bit wary about Nevermore, so please don’t go making any waves, or perpetuating any outcast stereotypes."
-Marilyn Thornhill to Wednesday Addams[src]

Normies are normal humans with no supernatural abilities like those of outcasts, freaks, and monsters. Often, the normies are weary of outcasts, if not hostile toward them. Although the term "normie" wasn't introduced until Wednesday, normal humans have previously appeared in the Addams Family universe.


Normies would often come into contact with the Addams Family, with those unfamiliar with the family being wary. Normies have been depicted as being on the receiving end of the Addams family, such as when Christmas carolers outside the Addams house have boiling oil/water poured on them.

In the Wednesday series, the normies of the town of Jericho were used to the outcasts of the nearby Nevermore Academy but were still often weary of them. Four hundred years prior to the show, a group of normies were shown chaining up the local outcasts into a building and burning them alive. The leader of these people, Joseph Crackstone, was later killed by the outcast survivor Goody Addams. [1]


Normies are ordinary beings and do not have any supernatural parts to them, like snakes or scales.

Personality / Mentality[]

Normies seem to be reticent to the idea of coexistence with outcasts and any reconciliation with them. Only a few normies tended to appreciate outcasts, such as Valerie Kinbott and Noble Walker.


Normies can have a variety of foods, like fruit, meat, vegetables, grains, protein, and dairy.


They can have varied social structures depending on what their society and cultures are like.

Abilities and Weaknesses[]


Normies can have a variety of skills that differ from person to person.


  • Mortality: Normies do not have supernatural abilities and can easily be killed by ordinary means.


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  • Even though they are not supernatural beings, normies can still perform magic in some way, to the point that Marilyn could bring Crackstone back to life successfully through a ritual from Goody's Book of Shadows.

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