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"Welcome, welcome, Nevermore Academy. Now, on behalf of the entire Jericho community, we are so, so pleased to have you all here today. Your generosity and hard work are truly... outreaches."
-Mayor Noble Walker to Nevermore Academy Students

Noble Walker was a recurring character in the Netflix series Wednesday. He was a normie, the mayor of Jericho, and the sheriff in the past. He was the father of Lucas Walker and was married to Lou-Anne Walker.

Highly passionate about Jericho, he devoted all of his time to the town, ready to lie to protect its reputation. He was one of the few normies who did not have a bad opinion about the outcasts.

He appeared in the Netflix show Wednesday.


Before Mayor Noble Walker was the mayor, he was the town's sheriff. He covered the accidental murder of Garrett Gates by Gomez Addams (in reality, by Morticia Frump). The night of the murder, he questioned Larissa Weems, a student at the time, about the murder.

In 2022, he was the mayor of Jericho, while Donovan Galpin became the sheriff. He married Lou-Anne Walker and had a son with her, Lucas. He and Larissa Weems (they’re now friendly acquaintances) inaugurate a fountain dedicated to Joseph Crackstone for the outreach day.

When he learned something about the murders while searching the Gates mansion, he immediately contacted the sheriff. On his way to Weathervane, he was run over by a blue Cadillac in front of Sheriff Galpin and Wednesday Addams. He survived, but his assailant entered his hospital room when he was unconscious and disconnected Walker's breathing apparatus, which caused him to die from a lack of oxygen. His funeral was then organized. Almost everyone was present, including the inhabitants of Jericho, the student body and faculty of Nevermore, and, his family.


Noble was a tall man, but he was smaller than Larissa. He had short, black hair and brown eyes. He often wore long coats or suits with ties. He maintained a proper and professional appearance.


Noble Walker was one of the few normies who had no bias toward outcasts. He, as mayor, did whatever it took for the sake of Jericho, including turning a blind eye to crimes if they were related to powerful people, such as the Gates family, due to being one of the wealthiest families and a major donor for the town. While holding no hatred for outcasts and also being willing to help improve the relationship between normies and outcasts, this was not because he believed they could coexist; instead, he did it because Nevermore is currently the primary benefactor to the town (along with Larissa doing a fundraiser for his political campaign that helped him win re-election). This evidence proved that Walker was a little immoral, as long as it benefited Jericho. But he was also altruistic for his town.

Unlike Donovan Galpin, Noble was not suspicious of the Nevermore students, and instead of acting on a hunch, he preferred to rely on physical and tangible evidence. Despite this, in the past, he used to spend his days with Galpin talking about several theories he had about many cases he couldn't resolve.

Powers / Abilities / Weaknesses[]


As a normie, Noble displayed no supernatural powers or abilities.


  • Skilled Investigator: Noble had notable skills as an investigator; proof of this was the fact that he was capable of knowing that Garrett's true cause of death wasn't murder. He used to have many theories about the many cases he had during his time as the sheriff of Jericho. He conducted his own investigation into the crimes in Nevermore, and just before he was killed, he came very close to discovering the truth. For a while, he was suspicious of a house located outside of Jericho and got all the information about that place.


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Lucas Walker[]

Lucas Walker was the son of Noble. It seems like they had a good relationship with each other, as Lucas was crying at his dad's funeral and seemed really devastated by his death.

Lou-Anne Walker[]

Lou-Anne Walker was the wife of Noble.

Ansel and Garrett Gates[]

Mayor Noble Walker knew that Ansel Gates had told his son to poison the Nevermore students' punch. He also helped cover up Garrett Gates' true cause of death.

Larissa Weems[]

Larissa being the headmistress of the Nevermore Academy, she and Walker crossed paths often, including on Outreach Day. They both seemed to get along well, though their relationship was strictly professional. They’ve known each other since 1990. Noble was then the sheriff of Jericho, and Larissa was a student at Nevermore. They cooperated to help improve the relationship between outcasts and normies.

Donovan Galpin[]

Donovan and Walker had been close friends since they were young. They used to spend their days talking about the many theories Walker had about his unresolved cases while eating pie. Years later, Noble was elected mayor, and Donovan took his position as sheriff. While they began seeing each other less often, given Walker's job, their friendship remained intact with time. On Outreach Day, right before the Nevermore students arrived in Jericho, they had a casual conversation in which they shared their opinions about that school of outcasts. Later on the show, after Walker found some evidence about the truth behind all the murders in Jericho, they agreed to meet at the Weathervane that afternoon, but right when he was about to cross the street, he was hit by a blue Cadillac. Donovan, in horror, immediately goes to help Walker, asking him to call the ambulance, concerned about his friend. He was seen grieving at his funeral.



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Wednesday Series

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Wednesday Series


  • Noble means aristocratic.
  • Walker means cloth washer.


  • His license plate number is L9J 3S7.

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