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"The Nightshades are an elite social club. Emphasis on elite."
-Bianca Barclay

The Nightshade Society (aka. The Nightshades) is a secret society at Nevermore Academy, previously believed to be disbanded because of the death of a normie.


"We used to be so much more. Our mission was to protect outcasts from harm and bigotry. In fact, the group was started by an ancestor of your father's from Mexico. One of the first settlers in America."
-Morticia Addams to Wednesday Addams about how Goody Addams founded the Nightshades.

The Nightshades were founded by Goody Addams during her lifetime in the 17th century. They used to fight against society and bring peace to every outcast so they could be considered equals with normies. The Nightshades were believed to have been disbanded 30 years ago (in series) when the group lost its charter after a normie kid was killed. It is implied that this was a result of the actions of the Nightshades. It was revealed that Morticia Addams, Wednesday's mother, used to be a member of it and their leader.

The society has become much more harmless since then, more focused on private social events and the "occasional skinny dip". We are told that Principal Weems allows the society to continue as many wealthy alumni were members, and as long as they don't draw any unnecessary attention to themselves. Wednesday Addams was "invited" to join but she refused due to considering it a "trivial club".


There is a riddle that tell you how to enter the Nightshade library. The riddle reads:

  • The opposite of the moon (Sun)
  • A world between ours (Nether)
  • Two months before June (April)
  • A self seeding flower (Pansy)
  • One more than one (Two)
  • Its leaves weep to the ground (Willow)
  • It melts in the sun (Ice)
  • Its beginning and end never found (Circle)
  • Every rule has one (Exception)

The riddle spells out "Snap Twice."







Nightshade Library[]

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"Who dares breach our inner sanctum?"
-Bianca Barclay to Wednesday Addams.


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