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Netflix Nextworld was released on 9 May 2024 as part of a collaboration between Netflix and Roblox.


The Frightmare Forest is where Wednesday can be found.

Typewriter Trouble[]

Enid has turned her and Wednesday's room into a spa-day hangout. Wednesday is unable to retrieve her typewriter and asks the player to craft a replacement for her so she can continue writing. After crafting her typewriter, she thanks the player.

Find Thing[]

After her typewriter has been crafted, players can talk to Wednesday again. While talking to Wednesday, she tells the player that Thing has gone missing and asks if the player can find him while she works on her novel. Once Thing returns to Wednesday, she thanks the player for finding him.


This part of the game is based on the 2022 Netflix TV series Wednesday. Two characters from the series make appearances, and one character is mentioned.


The game is played in either first- or third-person view based on the player's preferences. The player enters the Frightmare Forest and goes to the cemetery where Wednesday is standing. After being given the task of crafting the typewriter, the player has to collect the blueprint for it. To craft the typewriter, players have to harvest LOLs, Feels, and Scare, from resource outcrops. After that story (mission) is done, the player is tasked with going to a nearby cave to find Thing.


Image: Item Name: Rarity: N-Coin (Netflix Nextworld) 001N-Coins: LOLs (Netflix Nextworld) 001LOLs: Feels (Netflix Nextworld) 001Feels: Scares (Netflix Nextworld) 001Scares:
Ophelia Hall Window (Netflix Nextworld) 005 Ophelia Hall Window Legendary 1,880 140 500 300
Wednesday's Cello (Netflix Nextworld) 005 Wednesday's Cello Rare 0 400 400
Wednesday's Typewriter (Netflix Nextworld) 006 Wednesday's Typewriter Uncommon 1,000 0 250 300


  • Wednesday mentions Enid in the mission "Typewriter Trouble".

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