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"I'm proud of you kiddo. You do you."
-Murray Sinclair to Enid Sinclair

Murray Sinclair is a werewolf and the father of Enid Sinclair and the husband of Esther Sinclair. He is part of the pack from San Francisco.

He appears in the Netflix show Wednesday.


Murray makes his first and only appearance in "Chapter V: You Reap What You Woe" when he visits Enid and her brothers during Parent's Weekend. He is seen silently eating his food during lunch while Esther questions Enid. He is also seen silently roasting marshmallows over a fire. He watches with a saddened expression as Enid becomes upset and walks away when Esther presents the lycanthropy conversion pamphlets to her. He first speaks to tell Enid that he's proud of her for standing up for herself.


He is an older gentleman with graying ginger hair, a beard, blue eyes, and some wrinkles.


Murray is shown to be very loving and supportive of Enid, and he does not nitpick her as her mother frequently does. He was also shown to be very silent in general, letting his wife and daughter talk while saying nothing.

Powers / Abilities / Weaknesses[]


  • Lycanthropy: As a werewolf, he can turn into a wolf-like creature and grow claws.


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Esther Sinclair[]

Esther Sinclair is the wife of Murray Sinclair. She is shown to be more judgmental than her husband.

Enid Sinclair[]

Enid Sinclair is the daughter of Murray and his wife, Esther. Murray is very loving and supportive toward Enid. This is shown when he tells her that he is proud of her for standing up to her mom. He loves Enid just the way she is and encourages her to find herself at her own pace, rather than her mother's.


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Appears In[]

Wednesday Series

Mentioned In[]

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  • Murray means "from the sea."
  • Sinclair means pure, renowned or illustrious.


  • He only spoke once throughout the episode.

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  1. Enid mentions in an episode that she grew up with older brothers.
  2. Enid's mother mentioned in an episode that Enid has a cousin named Lucille.