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Ms. French
French 00
Full Name: Ms. French
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Portrayer Jane Perry

Ms. French was one of Wednesday and Pugsley's teachers. She was in charge of the school play, based on the work of the Brothers Grim and titled "Happy Endings: A Festival of Fairy Tales". She told the Addams siblings the couldn't be in the play if they didn't do it the way it was written. When the children objected, Morticia Addams decided to write her own version of the play.

While auditioning other children for the play, the school's principal informed Ms. French that the school board had cut the budget for fine arts and the play had to be cancelled. This upset both of them. At that moment, Gomez and Morticia arrived, and uppon learning about the school's lack of money, offered them cash, as well as Morticia's play. The Principal greedilly accepted the money and told Ms. French to give the Addamses whatever they wanted. Glancing at Morticia's play, French immediately found it repulsive, gruesome and distasteful, leading Gomez to think she really liked it.

Some time later, Ms. French visited the Addams Mansion while Morticia was working on her next play. She informed Morticia that all the other parents refused to let their children participate in Morticia's first, on account of the violence nature of the play. Morticia felt flattered, but as Wednesday and Pugsley were the only two still willing to act, Ms. French still felt the play had to be cancelled. Instead, the entire Addams Family agreed to fill in the other roles.

Uncle Fester came up with a plan to raise the cost of the ticket price from 2 dollars to 200, which the Addamses paid the audience members to come see it. This lead to a packed theater on opening night. However, during the show many audience members left prematurely, leaving only a delighted Gomez and Morticia and a distraught Miss French and Principal. Afterwards, the Principal informed the Addams Family that they had never received so many complaints. This lead Morticia to give up writing, as she felt she wouldn't be able to top her first production.[1]


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