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Mother Lurch is the mother of Lurch, the butler of the Addams Family.


When a letter arrived that stated that she was coming to visit, Lurch confessed that she didn't know he was "just" the servant. Morticia saw no problem because she thought he could just pretend the house was his, and she would act as the maid and Gomez the butler, while the others moved out to the cottage. Gomez then tried to coach Lurch to be the gentleman, but it was hard to teach Lurch to be the master due to his size and personality. When Mother Lurch arrived, she bothered Morticia and Gomez because she asked them to do a lot when they didn't have the time, tried to feed Aristotle to Cleopatra, and eventually began to mistrust Gomez and became convinced that he and Morticia were out to take "Lurch's" money. She vowed to protect her "Sonny boy" from the "larcenous" couple and whip Gomez and Morticia into shape. Matters worsened when she then had Lurch fire Gomez and Morticia. Uncle Fester and Grandmama then got bored living in the cottage and aimed to straighten things out. Meanwhile, Mother Lurch had called an agency to find new help. When Fester and Grandmama showed up, she thought they were the replacements and hired them. Happy now, she then went home. The only problem left was that Lurch wouldn't let Gomez or Morticia back in the house since they've been fired, but the good thing was that Fester and Grandmama felt useful and now have some spending money.


Unlike her son, Mother Lurch is rather short, about half Morticia's height. She is also quite skinny, with a square face and hair, which she wears in a bun. Her clothes consist of a white shirt, a black coat, and a black skirt.


Mother Lurch is very gruff, demanding, and self-centered, bossing Gomez and Morticia around and scolding them when they get something wrong. She does appreciate Lurch, hugging him and calling him "sonny boy," but she mistrusts Gomez and Morticia because she read several novels in which a butler stole his employers' money and thought Gomez would steal Lurch's. She also doesn't like Thing.

Powers / Abilities / Weaknesses[]


As a human, she does not have powers.


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The Original Addams Family Series

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