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Mortimer Phelps
Mortimer 00
Name: Mortimer Phelps
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Portrayer Richard Deacon (1965)

Mortimer Phelps is a Vocational Counselor who was called in by Gomez and Morticia to help find the right vocation for Cousin Itt.

Upon his arrival at the Addams house Phelps thinks Itt is impossible, but stays when Gomez offers him a large amount of money. Itt takes a Rorschach test, and gets them all right. And when Itt takes word association, he again passes - though Phelps isn't sure how he understood Itt! Phelps becomes enthusiastic, and decides that the best possible career for Itt is... as a marriage counselor. Gomez calls: "Lurch, show this quack the door!"


The Addams Family original series episode:



  • Mortimer Phelps was played by Richard Deacon.
  • Phelps told Lurch to be careful handling his hat, as it was adorned with imported feathers.