Mortimer "Squint" Addams is the great-grandfather of Wednesday, Pugsley and Pubert Addams. He is the grandfather of Gomez Addams, Uncle Fester, Pancho Addams and Cosimo Addams.

About Squint

Early Life

Abraham Lincoln begged Squint for his political support, but, alas, the man who got it was Stephen Douglas. In the political realm, Gomez notes, rather than run for office, "We Addamses prefer to think of ourselves as king-makers."[1] When Gomez develops amnesia, Morticia consults Squint's old medical book.[2] He used to say about Cousin Blob, "Two heads are better than one."[3]

Later Life

After setting his house on fire for the third time, Grandpapa came to live in The Addams Family Mansion for a while. The Family noticed that Grandpapa has been lonely since Grandmama Delilah passed away. They decided to send him to a resort, however, due to a misunderstanding, Grandpapa thought they were sending him to a nursing home. He started to act like he was "60 years younger". His shenanigans make Morticia and Fester think he is losing his marbles, so they call Narcoma nursing home. Meanwhile, Pugsley explained to Grandpapa it was a resort they were sending him to, so he gladly went with the doctor when she arrived.

Grandpapa remarried to Diandra Addams whom he met at the Narcoma Nursing Home. They later left the Nursing Home as Diandra set it on fire with a blowtorch, much to Grandpapa's pleasure.[4]

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  • Grandpapa and Delilah Addams had Walthzheimer's disease, which turned them into "pleasant" old people.
  • Grandpapa Addams in "The New Addams family" was nearly an exact replica of Gomez, including clothing, smoking habit and even mimicking some movements, he also had the same reaction as Gomez when Morticia speaks French. This is largely due to him being played by John Astin, who portrayed Gomez in the original Addams Family television show.
  • His second wife, Diandra looks remarkably like Morticia.


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