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Morticia and Gomez vs. Fester and Grandmama is the seventeenth episode of the second season of the original series of The Addams Family, and the fifty-first overall episode of the series. It first aired 7 January 1966 on ABC.


Blue skies and sunshine have The Addams Family all cooped up inside the house. Morticia thinks Grandmama and Uncle Fester have been spoiling the children. Fester returns from the store with his dynamite, hallucinating from too much sun. He didn't want Wednesday and Pugsley to go the whole weekend without an explosion. Gomez and Morticia take it from him and he's upset. When a Hurricane Zsa Zsa hits the Gulf Coast, Gomez and Morticia aim to go and enjoy it, employing Miss Thudd to look after the children. Fester and Grandmama are insulted and threaten to leave. They go to the play room to retrieve valuables but find they have none. Since they have no money and Gomez and Morticia aren't leaving until the next day, they decide to split the house instead, painting a line down the middle, including the middle of Lurch! Gomez and Morticia check into the Last Chance Motel, which is dirty, wet and located between the Vinegar Works and the Glue Factory, the perfect getaway. Then they discover that Miss Thudd's bag has been accidentally brought along, and it contains vitamins, Mother Goose and treats for the children. "She can't be all bad," argues Gomez. "Really?" asks Morticia "Reading Dr. Spock?" "Oh," apologizes Gomez. "I thought it was Dr. Spook." They rush home, concerned for the children, only to discover that Grandmama and Fester have fired Miss Thudd and are looking after the children themselves. Gomez and Morticia are vastly relieved and apologize. The hurricane now hits the house, so the whole Family is happy again.

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  • Yak Fudge