Morticia Joins the Ladies League
Series The Addams Family (TV Series)
Season 1
Original Airdate October 23, 1964
Written by Phil Leslie and Keith Fowler
Director Jean Yarbrough


Gomez visits his old friend Oscar Webber at his circus, which has gone downhill. Pugsley plays with Gorgo 'The Killer Gorilla' and the two become friends. Meanwhile, Morticia has invited the Ladies League to tea. The league is hesitant, but on a membership drive, so they agree to come. Gorgo breaks out of the circus to visit his pal Pugsley, to Lurch's disapproval. Gomez isn't worried: 'Any boy who loves cobras, toads and apes can't be all bad.' Lurch feels even worse when Gorgo does a better job of the laundry than he's ever done. 'Lurch', Gomez tells him, 'there's some things you can do and some things an ape can do.' It doesn't cheer Lurch up. The Ladies League arrives for tea, but they aren't prepared to see a gorilla serve it, so they flee. Oscar Webber arrives to retrieve Gorgo but is appalled to find him doing the laundry. But Gomez has an idea: Oscar could bill Gorgo as 'The World's Most Domesticated Gorilla' and exhibit him doing housework in an apron. Oscar takes his advice and makes a fortune.


Background Information

  • Pugsley's Piggy Bank and Cleopatra appear in this episode.
  • Despite Lisa Loring being credited, she only appears in the opening and the credits.

Links and References

Guest Stars

Peter Leeds as Oscar Webber

Dorothy Neumann as Mrs. Magruder

Pearl Shear as Mrs. Page

George Barrows as Gorgo


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