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"The real head of the family... low-voiced, incisive and subtle, smiles are rare... ruined beauty... contemptuous and original and with fierce family loyalty... even in disposition, muted, witty, sometimes deadly... given to low-keyed rhapsodies about her garden of deadly nightshade, henbane and dwarf's hair..."
-Charles Addams

Morticia A. Addams (née Frump) is the fictional matriarch of The Addams Family, created by cartoonist Charles Addams. Charles Addams gave her the name "Morticia," implying "death" or "mortician."


Morticia is the wife of Gomez Addams and the mother of Wednesday, Pugsley, Wednesday Jr., Pugsley Jr., and Pubert. She is also the sister of the daisy-headed Ophelia Frump and the daughter of Granny Frump and Grandpa Frump.

The Original Addams Family Series[]

In the original television series, Morticia was portrayed by Carolyn Jones.

Morticia was a rebellious child. When she was 10 years old, she wanted to go to work, run out and play in the snow when she had pneumonia, and run away from home, but her mother, Granny Frump, never stopped her. Later on, on her 12th birthday, her grandfather, Grandpa Droop, gave her stock certificates.

According to Wednesday, Morticia applies baking powder to her face instead of actual makeup. In each episode, she easily allures her husband Gomez by speaking French (or any other foreign language, for that matter). Morticia is musically inclined and is often seen freely strumming a shamisen. She frequently enjoys cutting the buds off of roses, which she discards, keeping only the stems. She also has a carnivorous plant, an African Strangler named Cleopatra, that she enjoys feeding. Morticia also has an affinity for making certain that her family upholds the traditional Addams way and is usually the most taken aback when one of the clan goes astray and does something "pleasant."

The New Scooby-Doo Movies[]


The Addams Family (animated 1973)[]

In the first animated series made in 1973, Morticia was voiced by Janet Waldo.

The Addams Family Fun-House[]

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Halloween with the New Addams Family[]

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The Addams Family (1991)[]

Morticia was played by Anjelica Huston in The Addams Family (1991). Huston's portrayal of Morticia was always illuminated by a ghostly glow around the eyes, which became most noticeable when she was standing or lying in dim light.

In the movie, she is soft-spoken, seductive, warm, and loving to her family. She is the one who consoles Gomez when he is at his lowest and proves her fierce loyalty to her family when she goes to confront Fester when he kicks the family out of their manor. During a job interview, after the entire Addams family was evicted from their house due to Abigail Craven's scheme, she revealed that she studied under a private tutor and claimed that her specialty is conjuring hexes and spells, but the interviewer put down "liberal arts."

The Addams Family (animated 1992)[]

In the 1992 animated series, she was voiced by Nancy Linari.

Addams Family Values[]

Morticia was played by Anjelica Huston in Addams Family Values (1993).

She seems to have an astonishing ability to suppress pain, as she stays completely calm during childbirth.

Addams Family Reunion[]

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The New Addams Family Series[]

Canadian actress Ellie Harvie portrayed Morticia in the 1998 revival series, The New Addams Family.

The Addams Family: A New Musical[]

In the Broadway musical, she was portrayed by Bebe Neuwirth with little difference from her other incarnations, although she seems more stern and smiles even less.

The Addams Family (2019)[]

In the film, Morticia is on her wedding night to Gomez Addams. However, the ceremony is ruined by an angry mob of people who see the Addams family as freaks. In New Jersey, Morticia, alongside her husband Gomez, and Thing find their "perfect" home in an abandoned asylum on a hill. They subsequently meet Lurch, an escaped mental patient whom they hit when Thing was distracted driving the car, and immediately recruit him as their butler.

Thirteen years later, Gomez and Morticia live in their cheerfully macabre home with their children, Wednesday and Pugsley. Morticia has their living tree, Ichabod, wake the children. During a family meal, Gomez and Morticia make preparations for the rest of their family’s arrival for Pugsley’s Mazurka. Wednesday questions what lies beyond the gate, but Morticia isn’t keen on letting her daughter know what’s out there. Fester then crashes into the room after Morticia throws one of Pugsley’s explosives out the window.

When Wednesday comes home with a pink unicorn beret in her hair, this frightens Morticia greatly. She tries to handle the situation with her daughter, but makes the situation worse when it becomes clear that she is unapproving of Wednesday’s choices as of late. Morticia consults her deceased mother and father, Bill and Mary, through a seance. They assure her that Wednesday is just exploring right now and will eventually come back to her senses.

The Addams Family 2[]

She gifts Wednesday a necklace with a bottle of Addams blood.

Wednesday Series[]

On the Netflix series Wednesday, Morticia (née Frump) is a psychic, a former student of Nevermore Academy, and the former roommate of Larissa Weems. During Morticia and Gomez's teenage years, they both met and fell in love at Nevermore Academy. Morticia was also captain of the fencing team and a member of the Nightshade Society. Morticia and Larissa once did an act together during the Solstice talent show as well.

In "Chapter I: Wednesday's Child Is Full of Woe", Morticia is seen escorting Wednesday to Nevermore Academy with Gomez.

In "Chapter V: You Reap What You Woe", during Parents Weekend, Morticia flicked through her yearbook and agreed to attend a counseling session with Dr. Valerie Kinbott. When Wednesday confronted her parents, Morticia insisted that the charges had been dropped and that the session was over. Morticia scolded Wednesday for her behavior and said that she didn't know the full story and that Gomez did nothing wrong before storming off. When Gomez got arrested for Garrett Gates' murder, Morticia told her daughter the truth about Garrett's murder. Morticia was the object of more than one desire as Gomez and a boy named Garrett Gates fought for her affections. Garrett mistook Morticia's sign of caring as a sign of romance and stalked and harassed her to the point where she even went to the Noble Walker, the sheriff at the time, but as Garrett was the son of one of the town's wealthiest families, they did not believe her accusations.

It all came to a head the night of the Rave'N dance when, during a thunderstorm, Garrett Gates arrived at Nevermore. His twisted love for Morticia had driven him insane. Garrett had chased Gomez onto the roof of Nevermore, and by the time Morticia made it up the steps, she found Gomez fighting for his life. Morticia started screaming at Garrett for him to stop and was scared by the way Garrett was looking at her. As he came towards her, she picked up the sword and accidentally stabbed him to death. Garrett fell off the roof and crashed into the Quad, in front of Larissa, who screamed out. It was only when Morticia heard the scream that she realized what she had done. Gomez took the sword from her, telling her to go to her room and lock the door, that she was never there, and to put the sword back on the table.

With Wednesday's help, Morticia and Gomez discovered that Garrett died from nightshade poisoning before she stabbed him. After being able to help Gomez be released from jail, Morticia and Wednesday have a talk about her visions. When Wednesday told Morticia that their distant ancestor, Goody Addams, could help her how to control her psychic visions, Morticia warned her to be careful of that distant ancestor, whom she described as a "witch of great strength", as Goody allowed her obsession with revenge to consume her.


She has pale skin and long black hair. She commonly wears black Gothic dresses to match her hair; tightly form-fitting with a hobble skirt, she is described as beautiful and intimidating.


She demonstrates great love for her family. She is also known to like wine and to go on vacations with the family. She also doesn’t like it when people lie to her family and when people “mess with” or make fun of her family, much like the rest of the family.

Powers / Abilities / Weaknesses[]


"Our psychic ability resides on the spectrum of who we are. Given my disposition, my visions tend to be positive. That makes me a dove."
-Morticia to Wednesday about psychic visions.[src]

  • Psychic Visions: Like her daughter Wednesday, Morticia has psychic visions. According to Morticia herself, their shared psychic ability resides on the spectrum of who they are. Given her disposition, Morticia's visions tend to be positive, making her a "Dove."[1]
  • Spiritualism: Being the former president of the Séance Society at Nevermore Academy, Morticia presumably has supernatural sensibility to contact spirits, as Wednesday questioned which spirit suggested she wear a pendant made of black obsidian. This was also previously confirmed to be true in The Addams Family (2019), in which she is seen performing a séance to successfully talk to her deceased parents.
  • Scrying: She uses a crystal ball for long-distance communication with Wednesday.


  • Botany: According to Wednesday, Morticia is a carnivorous plant aficionado.[2]
  • Fencing: According to Morticia and the school pictures/awards, she was the captain of the fencing team.


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"Nevermore holds a special place in my black heart. It’s where I met and fell in love with my husband, Gomez. I am so proud that my daughter, Wednesday, is following in our shadows and joining the Outcast class of 2027."
-Morticia on Nevermore's official website.


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TV Series[]

The Original Addams Family Series

The New Scooby-Doo Movies

The Addams Family (animated 1973)

The Addams Family (animated 1992)

The New Addams Family Series

Wednesday Series

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Wednesday Series


  • Morticia means the one who takes care of the funerals.
  • Addams means son of Adams or man of the red earth.


  • Morticia was the inspiration for Disney's duck-witch Magica De Spell, first designed and drawn by Carl Barks.
  • In every continuity, Tish owns a large wicker chair.
  • Morticia can sometimes be called "Tish" for short by Gomez, along with romantic names Querida and Cara Mia.
  • Despite her iconic vampire look, Morticia is finally revealed being a psychic in Netflix's Wednesday.
  • In the original Wednesday script, Morticia is in her 40s. [3]

Gold Key Comics[]

The 1973 animated version of Morticia also appeared in The Addams Family comic books published by Gold Key Comics.

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