Miss Carver
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Name: Miss Carver
Gender: Female
Age: Adult
Species: Human
Spouse Fester (almost)
Portrayer Merry Anders (1964)
Monica Schnarre (1998)

Miss Melinda Carver is a door-to-door cosmetics saleslady.

Uncle Fester decides it's time for him to find a mate. Through a matrimonial column in the newspaper, he conducts a search and mistakes Miss Carver for someone replying to his ad. Fester doesn't think she's his type, especially when she offers him a free sample or will deal for cash. Eventually Miss Carver can't take anymore and flees. Fester thinks he's had a narrow escape from marrying a lunatic and swears off marriage.


The Addams Family original series episode:

The New Addams Family episode:

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