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Max 00
Name: Max
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Portrayer Frederic Downs (1965)
Don MacKay (1998)

Max is the owner of Max's Hair Salon, whose motto is "If you want a wig, dark or light, call on Max, day or night".

Upon his arrival at the Addams house carrying various samples in hat boxes, Max had trouble with the doorbell and was startled by Lurch, who took his hat as well as his toupee. Gomez and Morticia welcomed Max and explained that they were looking for something sporty for Uncle Fester to wear that would make him look 20 or 30 years younger. Max replied that he was not a magician and could only cover the client's head. He would have to cream his own wrinkles.

Max was surprised to hear that the client would not be trying the samples out himself. Instead, Gomez put on two of Max's samples while Lurch held a cracked mirror (Cousin Droop dropped it for luck). Gomez first tried 'Bankers Gray' (distinguished but youthful), then the Mohawk, which included a bald cap (Fester only needed the middle part; he already had the rest of it).

When Max misplaced his comb, Thing handed one to him. This surprised Max, but when Kitty Cat came down the stairs (a compliment to him, as Kitty doesn't come down for just anyone), Max left the house in a hurry, telling the Addamses they could keep the toupees. Thing handed him his hat just before he left.

Uncle Fester tried out several of Max's toupees, finally settling on a sporty, modern look. After Fester no longer needed the toupees, he allowed Morticia to use them for target practice.


The Addams Family original series episode:

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  • Max was played by Frederic Downs in the original series and by Don MacKay in the nineties remake.
  • In the 1998 version, Max's full name is Max Shatner. This is a reference to the actor William Shatner, who has often been mocked for wearing a toupee.
  • Max Shatner's nickname is "Toupee to the Stars". His license plate reads "2-Pay" and next to it is a bumper sticker reading "Rugs, not Drugs".