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"Joseph Crackstone was a visionary, dedicated to protecting normies from outcasts until his life was cut short by your ancestor, Goody Addams. And then, to add insult to injury, they stole his land to build that abomination of a school."
-Marilyn about Joseph Crackstone to Wednesday

Marilyn Thornhill (born Laurel Gates)[1] is the main antagonist in the first season of the Netflix series Wednesday. She is a normie and was Wednesday Addams' and Enid Sinclair's dorm mom and botanical sciences teacher at Nevermore Academy.

Marilyn, a descendant of Joseph Crackstone, faked her death in order to change her identity and complete Crackstone's mission: eliminating the outcasts.

She appears in the Netflix show Wednesday.



Laurel was the younger sister of Garrett Gates, whom their father Ansel tasked in 1990 with breaking into Nevermore Academy to poison the Rave'N Ball punch. However, Garrett fails and is killed in the process by Morticia, who will be discovered by Larissa Weems. Shortly after, Mrs. Gates commits suicide, their father overdoses on alcohol, and she herself drowns on a boat. Her body, however, was never found.

Season 1[]

After Wednesday gets settled in her dorm, Marilyn comes in and introduces herself in "Chapter I: Wednesday's Child Is Full of Woe" as her dorm mom. She then gives Wednesday a black dahlia from her conservatory because she likes to match plants with the girls in Ophelia Hall.

While Wednesday is playing her cello, Marilyn is seen feeding her plants, stopping momentarily to listen to Wednesday.

In "Chapter II: Woe Is the Loneliest Number", Enid tells Wednesday that Ms. Thornhill ordered them pizza while they prepared for the poe cup.

When Rowan was expelled, Marilyn drove him to Burlington Station. She is later seen talking to Ajax in her classroom, as he had lost his classwork. During class, Marilyn watches as Bianca and Wednesday compete to answer the questions she gives them.

Marilyn visits the library, only to find Wednesday there. They talk, and she reveals that she is the only staff member who is a normie, and it makes her feel like an outsider. After Wednesday tells her that she doesn't care what others think of her, she tells Wednesday to never lose that ability.

After the Poe Cup, she is seen celebrating Ophelia Hall's victory and congratulating the girls.

She makes a couple of appearances in "Chapter III: Friend or Woe". She is seen listening to Larissa's speech about Outreach Day and helping give the students the place that they will be volunteering at.

In Jericho, she is seen in Weathervane ordering food. Larissa then introduces her to Noble Walker as Nevermore's first normie teacher.

Late that night, she goes into the Nightshade Library.

During her class in "Chapter IV: Woe What a Night", Marilyn announces that she won't be giving homework to the students as the Rave'N is that weekend. She then tells them that she still needs volunteers for the decoration committee.

For the Rave'N, she shows up matching the theme of the dance and greets the students as they walk in. She and Larissa talk about past Rave'N's, where Larissa then reveals that she had asked Gomez to the dance but was turned down for Morticia. At some point, she leaves the dance and later follows Wednesday and sees that Eugene has been attacked.

While Larissa is giving her speech for Parent's Weekend in "Chapter V: You Reap What You Woe", Marilyn can be seen standing on the side. She is later seen sitting with Yoko during lunch. She and Yoko watch as Gomez is arrested.

After finding out that Noble had been searching her childhood home in "Chapter VI: Quid Pro Woe", she removes the license plate from an old car and runs him over with it. Wednesday, Enid, and Tyler investigated the old Gates mansion, and they found the car along with the missing body parts. Tyler shifts into a monster and scares the girls away from discovering more about the house. Once they leave, Marilyn goes to the house and moves the car and body parts. When the mayor was taken to the hospital, she sneaked in late at night and disabled his breathing device.

At Noble Walker's funeral in "Chapter VII: If You Don't Woe Me By Now", Marilyn is seen in attendance. Sometime after the funeral, she visits Wednesday in her dorm and asks if she's okay with Enid switching rooms. After Wednesday confirms, she leaves.

Wednesday went on a date with Tyler, during which Marilyn ransacked Wednesday's room looking for Nathaniel Faulkner's journal. She stabbed Thing before he could see her. She later goes to Xavier's art studio and places items from her victims to incriminate him.

Wednesday figures out that Marilyn is the master of the hyde in "Chapter VIII: A Murder of Woes" and that it was Marilyn who went to burn all evidence from the monster's cave but was spotted by Eugene. She had ordered the monster to attack Eugene, but the monster was interrupted by Wednesday, who made an appearance after she had a vision of him being attacked. It is also exposed that she was the one who killed the coroner before Parent's Weekend and burned "Fire will rain" on Nevermore's lawn after Parent's Weekend.

When Wednesday confronts Marilyn with Larissa, disguised as Tyler, Marilyn admits that she is Laurel Gates. After Larissa shows that it is her and not Tyler, Marilyn injects her with poison and kills her. While Wednesday was worried for Larissa, she knocked her out with a shovel and dragged her to Crackstone's crypt.

At the crypt, she draws Wednesday's blood, stating that only the blood from a descendant of Goody will break the lock on Joseph Crackstone's crypt. Marilyn succeeds in resurrecting Crackstone, using the body parts she stole from her victims, Goody's book of shadows, and Wednesday's blood.

Marilyn and Joseph head to the school, with Marilyn talking the entire time. Having had enough of her chatter, Joseph tells her to shut up and to leave him; otherwise, he will cut her tongue out. She leaves, but later comes back after he had been killed by Wednesday and pulls out a gun. Sadistically, she’s about to gun Wednesday down, but she is interrupted by Eugene and his bees. After falling to the ground, Wednesday stomps on Marilyn's face. Her fate is not known.


Marilyn Thornhill has fair skin, long, wavy auburn hair, and brown eyes. It is assumed she dyes her hair, as it was originally blonde, and wears brown contacts, as her eyes are originally blue. She usually wears colorful sweaters and planter outfits, has black cat-eye glasses, and is often seen wearing red boots.

At the Rave'N, she wears a white dress with a belt but keeps her red boots.

At the funerals of Noble Walker, she wears a black coat with purple gloves.


"Never lose that, Wednesday. The ability to not let others define you. It's a gift. The most interesting plants grow in the shade."
-Marilyn to Wednesday.

Marilyn usually appeared to be mild-mannered, ordinary, and commonly recognized from her duties at school, level of intellect, and average conscience. She was notable mostly for being the only "normie" staff member ever employed at the school, which the school took great pride in to mend damages between the outcasts and Jericho, and she had no problem maintaining the level of responsibility in her position.

"I bided my time, and I made you feel special until you were ready to be sacrificed."
-Marilyn explaining how Wednesday was the key to her plan and how she was planning to sacrifice her.

Behind it all, she was cold, calculating, resentful, failure-intolerant, and only motivated to get what she was after. Marilyn had no problem implementing numerous tactics and keeping herself busy juggling the numerous aspects of her plans, so long as she accomplished the end goal. She was never above needed forms of violence, reckless endangerment, cover-ups, destruction of property, and even murder, as a chaotic downfall of Nevermore was always her end goal, which would require such escalated instability. Her knowledge of plants would come in useful for better and for worse, with her mostly not caring about their utilization in healthier and more community-oriented interests.

Powers / Abilities / Weaknesses[]


As a normie, Marilyn has no supernatural abilities or powers.


  • Botany: As the botany teacher, Marilyn knows a lot about plants.
  • Necromancy: Using Goody's book, Marilyn was able to raise Crackstone from his crypt.


  • Mortality: As a normie, Marilyn can be injured and killed by anything.


Joseph Crackstone[]

Crackstone was the ancestor of Marilyn and her family. She was raised by her wealthy parents to hate the outcasts and to one day destroy them. Marilyn then stole Goody Addams' Book of Shadows and thus learned the resurrection ritual. Once Crackstone is revived, she kisses his ring, and he tells her that his revenge will be quick. However, once he arrived in Nevermore's quad, while she was talking to him, Crackstone threatened her and told her to shut up because he would cut out her tongue. Marilyn will then return to the school, saying that we never meet our heroes.

Garrett Gates[]

Garrett was the brother of Marilyn/Laurel. They seem to have gotten along well, as she devotes some of her revenge to her brother.

Larissa Weems[]

Marilyn was Larissa's trusted friend and colleague at Nevermore. It was also Marilyn who organized the Rave'N of 2022, and they discussed it enthusiastically. When Larissa addresses the crowd, like on Parent's Day or at the Edgar Allan Poe Cup, she applauds all of her speeches with a gleam of admiration in her eyes. However, this is all a ruse. Marilyn was manipulating Larissa from the beginning, and seeing as Larissa is an outcast, Marilyn surely hated her. Marilyn left in the middle of the ball to set fire to the cave where she had held Tyler Galpin captive in order to destroy any evidence, and then returned to the ball as if nothing had happened. Larissa and Wednesday decided to trap her so that she would confess to her crimes. To do that, Larissa transformed and took on the features of Tyler, and Wednesday went to confront Marilyn in the greenhouse. The plan worked, with Marilyn being fooled into believing that Larissa was the real Tyler. But Wednesday then gives the green light to Larissa, who has heard enough, and she returns to her original appearance under the horrified eyes of Marilyn. When she realized that she no longer had a cover, she poisoned Larissa, showing that she never cared for her boss and friend.

Wednesday Addams[]

Wednesday was the key to Marilyn's revenge. She also needed her blood in order to unlock Crackstone's coffin. Marilyn will regularly try to get closer to Wednesday in order to gain her trust. This more or less succeeds until Wednesday finds out who Marilyn is and her true intentions. Marilyn then abandons the approach method and knocks Wednesday out with a shovel. After the defeat of Joseph Crackstone, she prepares to kill Wednesday, but a swarm of bees attacks her. Wednesday then looks at her in a somewhat reassuring way before punching her in the face and doing mysterious things to her.

Tyler Galpin[]

"*sigh* That's enough. Tyler, honey, make momma happy and shut her up, permanently."
-"Marilyn" exposing herself as Laurel Gates to Wednesday Addams and Larissa Weems.

Tyler was a barista living in Jericho and also an unknown Hyde. Marilyn knew the truth of his family's secret outcast heritage through her own father and revealed his mother's identity to Tyler in order to begin her manipulation of him. She later holds him captive in a cave, where she unlocks his Hyde by torturing him. She later drugs him with various plant potions in order to brainwash him into obeying her against his own free will, rendering him her slave. However, Marilyn used him and, therefore, never really cared about him.


All the following people were killed, attacked, or framed by Marilyn herself:

  • Unnamed candy heiress (implied since she posed as the woman's caretaker)
  • Tyler Galpin (held captive and shackled in a cave, repeatedly tortured him, and also drugged him with plant cocktails, forcing out his Hyde form)
  • Dr. Anwar (shot in the head)
  • Mayor Noble Walker (ran over with a blue Cadillac after nearly figuring out it is her; pulled his life support and left him to die at the hospital)
  • Thing (impaled with a hunting knife from behind and pinned to a wall; narrowly resuscitated by Uncle Fester and stitched back together by Wednesday)
  • Xavier Thorpe (briefly framed and arrested for leaving belongings from Tyler's victims in his art studio)
  • Principal Larissa Weems (injected in the neck with a dose of nightshade when she and Wednesday trapped Marilyn)
  • Wednesday Addams (knocked out with a shovel, kidnapped, shackled, and cut her hand to use her blood on Crackstone's coffin; stabbed, but was saved by Goody Addams; later tried to shoot, but was saved by Eugene's bees and stomped in the face by Wednesday)

All of the following were targeted on Marilyn's orders:

  • Olivia Davis (mauled by Tyler in his Hyde form; he stole part of her body as a trophy)
  • Benjamin Clarke (mauled by Tyler in his Hyde form; he stole part of his body as a trophy)
  • Ethan Hanson (mauled by Tyler in his Hyde form; he stole part of his head as a trophy)
  • Rowan Laslow (mauled by Tyler in his Hyde form; Tyler stole part of his head as a trophy.)
  • Fabian (mauled by Tyler in his Hyde form, which was caught on camera film; he stole two of his toes as a trophy)
  • Eugene Ottinger (near-fatally mauled by Tyler in his Hyde form; left in a coma, but narrowly lived and woke up)
  • Dr. Valerie Kinbott (mauled to death by Tyler in his Hyde form; he stole an unknown body part from her as a trophy)
  • Wednesday Addams (attempted to kill when he turned into a Hyde but instead fought Enid)
  • Enid Sinclair (attempted to kill her in his Hyde once while in a fight when she wolfed out)


  • Attempted vehicular homicide
  • Killed Jericho’s mayor, coroner, and Nevermore's principal
  • Attempted to murder Wednesday Addams and Eugene Ottinger
  • Attempted genocide and mass murder against outcasts
  • Kidnapped and brainwashed Tyler Galpin
  • Multiple identity fraud
  • Hate crimes
  • Destruction of property - burned Nevermore's lawn to write a threat towards outcasts
  • Incriminated Xavier Thorpe for Valerie Kinbott’s murder
  • Assaulting and kidnapping Wednesday
  • Stalking Wednesday
  • Tortured Tyler and Wednesday
  • Using dark magic to summon Joseph Crackstone from the dead
  • Betrayed Nevermore Academy


"I might not get to kill all the outcasts, but at least I'll get to kill you, Wednesday!"
-Marilyn's final words before she was defeated.


Appears In[]

Wednesday Series

Mentioned In[]



New Name

  • Marilyn means star of the sea.
  • Thornhill means thorn tree plus hill.

Birth Name

  • Laurel means laurel plant or the bay.
  • Gates means Dweller by the gates.


  • Marilyn is the only character in the season whose fate wasn't confirmed, although she was in a pretty bad situation after her defeat. Whether she was arrested or killed will likely be answered in season 2. Christina Ricci stated in an Instagram livestream that not even she knows if Marilyn is alive or dead.
    • If she is indeed dead, her death marks the end of the Gates family.
  • When Larissa Weems faked Rowan Laslow's expulsion from Nevermore to cover his murder, it is not known if Marilyn was aware that it was a trick.
  • This character was originally going to be called Ms. Tamara Novak, played by Thora Birch.
    • She was originally going to teach "Outcast Bio" instead of botanical sciences. It is unknown why her name was changed when Christina Ricci was cast.
    • In the original script, Ms. Novak is in her 40s. [6]
  • Laurel uses a Latin incantation to resurrect Crackstone. Depending on the spelling, it translates either as "The red town would be thinned, my cue nates, would bless the stain, the esquientes of the unnatural would be cut against them" or "Let the red commune keep, as my ancestors did, bless the silence and, with the contradelles esquientes from the unnatural, sleeping not ae, expiring fills the breasts".
  • On her death certificate, it says she was cremated.
  • Her first name could be a reference to Marilyn Munster from The Munster Family.

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