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Marie Antoinette is Wednesday Addams' favorite doll.


In the first episode, Wednesday says that Pugsley chopped off her head,[1] but later Wednesday likes to chop it off with a guillotine.

In Art and the Addams Family, Wednesday holds what appears to be the same doll, but calls it Mary Queen of Scots, then shows a tombstone reading "Marie Antoinette."[2] She later donates the Mary doll to the charity bazaar.[3]

When Morticia first met Gomez, she had her own Marie Antoinette doll whose head she had chopped off, but it was very different from Wednesday's. She also had a doll that was identical to Wednesday's, but called it Anne Boleyn.[4]

When Monday Jones came to visit, she brought over her own doll to behead with Wednesday.[5]

Wednesday took the doll to Music Academy with her, but Wednesday Jr. has her own identical plaything.[6]


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She is also painted on the table of The Addams Family pinball game.



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