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Madelyn Cavendish Beauregard Faversham Firestone Smith
Madelyn 00
Name: Madelyn Cavendish Beauregard Faversham Firestone Smith
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Portrayer Elizabeth Fraser (1965)

Madelyn Smith was a pen-pal of Uncle Fester's from Paris, Illinois. She received a letter from Fester by mistake that was intended for another pen-pal of his, Madeline from Paris, France. From that moment she became hooked on Fester, who described himself as a "Cary Grant type with an athletic build."

Madelyn had been married, and widowed, five times before. Of the five, she got into contact with Mr. Faversham as a pen-pal as well. The others were shipboard romances. Battleships to be precise. All five of them committed suicide.

Upon arrival at the Addams house, Madelyn assumed that Gomez and Morticia were Fester's parents. After being corrected on this point, she met Fester, who presented himself wearing a bushy wig acquired from Max's Hair Salon, and carrying two pigskin footballs. His usual long coat had been decorated with a large letter 'Y'.

Madelyn thought that the Addams house was very well decorated. She found Pierre, who waggled his antlers for her, and Cousin Squint very cute, just like Fester himself. She suggested they sit down on the loveseat, and Fester became passionate after she spoke a word in French. Fester further impressed her by having Lurch fetch his 'tackling dummy', which 'Fearless Fester' charged at, crashing through a table. Madelyn thought he was magnificent and liked the way he was different from other men.

She suggested that the two of them would elope. When Fester admitted he was unsure about his last name (no one had ever asked it before), she decided that he could take hers, 'Smith'. That way they wouldn't have to change the monogrammed towels she already owned. Despite misgivings, Morticia presented Madelyn with Grandpa Frump's Gopher Tooth ring, which Madelyn found very beautiful. Gomez and Morticia then sat down with Madelyn to tell him a few things about Fester. First was the fact that he was electrical. His favorite recipes include 'Eye of Newt' and that he likes to relax in a treehouse. This information made Madelyn change her mind about marrying Fester, and when he rode down the stairs on his motorcycle and lost his toupee in the process, Madelyn rejected him and left. Thing made sure she gave back the Gopher Tooth ring before she went out the door.


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