Lurch and His Harpsichord is the twenty-fifth episode of the first season of the original series of The Addams Family. It first aired 19 March 1965 on ABC.


When Mr. Belmont, curator for the Fine Arts Museum, sets his eyes on The Addams Family's rare 1503 Krupnik harpsichord, they insist that he take it for the collection. Lurch, however, is not so keen on the idea. They carry it to the play room to acclimatize it. They try to interest Lurch in another pastime, but he doesn't take well to the drums or knitting.

Gomez and Uncle Fester decide to build Lurch his own harpsichord, which the museum takes by mistake.


  • Mr. Belmont gets an eyeful of Cousin Farouk and Pierre.
  • Lurch's harpsichord was previously owned by Cousin Crimp.
  • Aunt Trivia and Commodore Addams are referenced in this episode.
  • Morticia's measurements are 36-21-36, the same as the harpsichord.
  • Despite Blossom Rock, Lisa Loring, and Ken Weatherwax being credited, they only appear in the opening and closing credits.


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