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Lurch Learns to Dance is the twentieth episode of The New Addams Family. It is a remake of the original television series episode of the same name.


Lurch is invited to the Annual Butlers' Ball, but refuses to go because he can't dance. The last time he tried, at the Ball four years ago, he spun his partner too vigorously and flung her across the room. Morticia hires him a dance instructor, whom he flings out the door. Then Uncle Fester also tries with limited success. But when he sees Gomez and Morticia doing the tango, he picks it up instantly and decides to go to the Ball. Though it's a costume ball, Lurch is recognized and nobody dares dance with him. Morticia shows up in disguise and convinces the disc jockey to play a tango. Lurch spins her to win first prize. As other ladies take notice of him, Morticia sneaks away and returns home.


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  • Radioactive-Ant Legs

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