Lurch Learns to Dance is the thirteenth episode of the first season of the original series of The Addams Family. It first aired 11 December 1964 on ABC.


Lurch is about to turn down his annual invitation to the Butlers Ball as usual. The Ball this year is a costume party. He admits he doesn't want to go because he can't dance. Gomez insists on rectifying this and calls the Fred Walters Dance School. Sally O'Rourke, one of his teachers, has been mouthing off to the clients, he gives her one last chance to change her attitude. She is sent to the Addams home.

When she first sees her client, she faints. When she comes to, she sees Pugsley's horny toad and faints again, then again when she spies Thing. When she finally manages to teach Lurch some steps, he faints. Sally then runs away. Wednesday tries to teach him next, but she only knows ballet. Morticia attempts to teach Lurch the Twist, but it puts his back out. Gomez cures him by putting him on the rack: 'Another triumph for medical science!' Gomez then takes over the teaching, doing the Argentine Tango, and throws out his own back, but Lurch gets the idea. Lurch goes to the Ball in a schoolboy costume, but no one asks him to dance. Morticia arrives in costume and mask. She and Lurch dance the tango and wow the audience. They return home with a trophy to everyone's delight.


  • In the beginning, when scratching Gomez' back, Thing is a left hand instead of the usual right. Thing is left again when he points Wednesday toward the play room to find Lurch.
  • Uncle Droop, Aunt Drip, Cousin Blob, and Grandma Squint are mentioned.
  • Despite Jackie Coogan and Blossom Rock being credited, they only appear in the opening and closing credits.


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