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Lurch, the Teenage Idol
Series The New Addams Family
Season 1
Original Airdate March 1, 1999
Teleplay by Dan Kopelman
Story by Carol Henning & Ed Ring & Mitch Persons
Director Richard Martin

Lurch, the Teenage Idol is the 39th episode of The New Addams Family. It is a remake of the original television series episode of the same name.


The Addams Family records Lurch singing. Gomez pays a producer to promote it, and to everyone's surprise, Lurch becomes a pop sensation. He leaves for a six-month tour in Ghoulapalooza, and the family hires a new butler. Jeeves fits in nicely, improving Gomez' Trainwreck and cooking ooky food, but he doesn't like Thing, so Wednesday and Pugsley chase him off, and a homesick Lurch returns.


Background Information

Ooky Food

  • Platypus Pierogies
  • Roast Yak

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