Lurch, the Teenage Idol is the thirty-third episode of the first season of the original series of The Addams Family. It first aired 14 May 1965 on ABC.


While feeding Cleopatra, Morticia has a wonderful thought - Lurch is such a marvelous musician, would he not make a great pop star? Mizzy Bickle, record promoter, agrees once he hears him. Lurch records a song at the harpsichord and when the recording is played on the radio, he becomes a huge star, attracting swarms of screaming teenage fans to the house. The rest of the family thinks it is an invasion.

Lurch enjoys his newfound fame and starts to neglect his butlering duties. Fan mail starts arriving by the truckload. Bickle wants Lurch to do a world tour, but Lurch loses his voice so they take him to the play room to cure him. He gives Gomez and Morticia each an autographed photo of himself. Gomez likes his, "Best picture you ever took, Lurch. Doesn't look a bit like you." Outside the house, Lurch encounters the downside of fame when his fans mob him and tear his clothes. He decides he prefers the safe life with the Family and gives up showbiz.

Background Information

  • The name 'Mizzy Bickle' is a play on Vic Mizzy, composer and performer of "The Addams Family: Main Theme".
  • Morticia hits a golf ball off Gomez' forehead and it ricochets off the suit of armor and the Totem Pole, landing a hole-in-one in Pierre's mouth.
  • When Lurch looks out the window at his clamoring fans, Cousin Farouk is missing, though the holes in the wall are visible.
  • Gomez, fishing in the aquarium, catches Grandmama's other dress shoe.

Ooky Food

  • Fillet of Fenny Snake (with thanks to Shakespeare)

Ooky Stocks

  • Consolidated Fuzz (though Gomez says he currently doesn't own any)


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