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Lurch's Little Helper is the twenty-seventh episode of the second season of the original series of The Addams Family, and the sixty-first overall episode of the series. It first aired 18 March 1966 on ABC.


Morticia is afraid that they are overworking Lurch, so Gomez, Uncle Fester, and Pugsley go down to the play room and build him a robot assistant, Smiley. Lurch doesn't like Smiley until he realizes he's now the Head Butler and Smiley is his assistant. He then has Smiley do all of the work in his stead. The problem is Smiley is too strong, and this causes all kinds of complications waxing Fester's head and tightening Gomez' trampoline springs. Gomez begins wishing he'd never had this particular bright idea, since Lurch has stopped working. His stomach is so upset from Smiley's cooking that he can't even enjoy a good Trainwreck. They decide to cure him by telling him he's no longer needed and he can take a long rest. Lurch is now worried, because he likes his job, and he's afraid he's been replaced. Thing suggests sabotaging Smiley. When Gomez rings for Smiley, Lurch appears, with a wrench, to announce that Smiley has resigned...


Ooky Food[]

  • Roast Aardvark