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"My dad owns Pilgrim World!"
-Lucas Walker

Lucas Walker is a normie and resides in the town near Nevermore Academy, Jericho. He is the son of Mayor Noble Walker and Lou-Anne Walker. He works at Pilgrim World.

He appears in the Netflix show Wednesday.


Lucas is first seen in "Chapter I: Wednesday's Child Is Full of Woe" walking outside of the Weathervane with Carter and Jonah. He and his friends approached Wednesday, calling her a “Nevermore freak." After hearing Wednesday call the owner of Pilgrim World stupid, he gets defensive, saying that his dad owns Pilgrim World. He then asks Wednesday if she's ever been with a normie, to which she responds that she couldn't find one who could handle her. He is then startled when Wednesday says "boo", and after she knees Carter in the groin, he is punched in the face accidentally by Carter, who was trying to punch Wednesday. He is then knocked over by Carter.

Lucas, Jonah, and Carter all show up at the Harvest Festival to hurt Wednesday. They are all carrying baseball bats, with Lucas' being made of metal. Wednesday and Tyler run away, and they follow.

He appears again in "Chapter III: Friend or Woe", during Outreach Day. He takes this opportunity to get back at Wednesday and outcasts in general by singling out and bullying Eugene Ottinger. Once again, Wednesday successfully fights off the trio, and Lucas walks away, not wanting to get into any more trouble. Later that day, the statue built in Joseph Crackstone's honor is burned by Wednesday and Thing, which only fuels Lucas' rage further.

Lucas asks Enid Sinclair out to the Rave'N in "Chapter IV: Woe What a Night" under the guise of making his ex-girlfriend jealous, and she accepts. The night of the Rave'N, Lucas starts bonding with Enid and the other students of Nevermore, but then leaves Enid to dance alone when he goes outside. Enid is unaware of his intentions and thinks nothing of them. Lucas and his friends then connected a hose from the van they pulled up to the school's fire system. The van holds a container full of watered-down red paint. When Lucas returns inside, one of his friends activates the fire alarm, and instead of water falling from the sprinkler system, red paint covers the white and blue themed hall. After most stands had scattered, Enid finds Lucas outside with his friends and confronts him about it, saying that she thought he liked her. They don't get many words in before his friends start mocking werewolves. Enid's friend Ajax arrives shortly after the taunting begins and scares Lucas and his friends off.

In "Chapter VI: Quid Pro Woe", Lucas had to do community service at Nevermore Academy to make up for his stunt at the Rave'N. This is when he meets Bianca Barclay, and the two have a conversation surrounding his newly acquired bracelet. She warns him of the dangers of it and encourages him to rethink and take it off. He then asks her to meet him at the Weathervane later. The two meet up later that night and have a conversation over coffee, where Lucas reveals that he has taken her advice and removed the bracelet. Lucas subtly flirts throughout his interactions with Bianca, and he opens up to her about his self-esteem issues. Later in the series, Lucas is blamed for acts of vandalism committed by Marilyn Thornhill.

In "Chapter VII: If You Don't Woe Me By Now", after his father is murdered, he is seen next to his casket with his mother at the funeral. No words are spoken between the two, but Bianca Barclay gives him a reassuring look when they make eye contact.

His final appearance is in the Nightshade's library. He stands with Bianca Barclay after she leads Wednesday into the lair. He gives Wednesday files that he printed off of his father's computer. These files contained information about Laurel Gates, giving Wednesday enough evidence to make a solid claim that Laurel must be alive and in Jericho. Ultimately, Lucas' contributions help Wednesday figure out who the killer is.


Lucas has black hair and brown eyes.

As he works at Pilgrim World, he can often be seen in his work clothes. These feature a signature black top hat and monochromatic robes.

In casual wear, Lucas wears a jacket with a cotton collar. While talking to Enid and inviting her to the Rave'N, he is seen wearing a gray shirt covered with a button-up flannel on top, paired with a green jacket. He wears a button-up plaid shirt and a grey t-shirt underneath. When Bianca Barclay meets him, he is wearing the same jacket but a grey hoodie underneath and khaki pants.

At the Rave'N, Lucas wears a simple suit in the theme colors of the dance. His blazer and pants are white, and his button-up shirt is blue.

At his father's funeral, he is wearing all black.


Lucas originally comes off as stuck-up and abrasive to every Nevermore student he makes contact with. When he first meets Wednesday, he calls her a "Nevermore Freak". In front of his dad and the sheriff, he is on his best behavior. After spending time with Enid at the Rave'N, he begins to hate outcasts less, feeling remorse for ruining the dance. When he meets and gets to know Bianca Barclay, he shows a kind and more genuine side. He seems to have self-esteem issues and doesn't think he will ever amount to anything, which could be why he puts up such a hard exterior. In the Nightshade's library, he gives Wednesday a file on Laurel Gates and is cooperative with her.

Powers / Abilities / Weaknesses[]


As Lucas is a normie, he has no supernatural powers.


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  • Combat: He has demonstrated weak fighting skills and has easily lost to Wednesday on multiple occasions.
  • Mortality: Lucas does not have supernatural abilities and can easily be killed by ordinary means.


Noble Walker[]

Noble Walker is the father of Lucas. It seems like they had a good relationship with each other, as Lucas is crying at his dad's funeral and seems to be really devastated by his death.

Lou-Anne Walker[]

Lou-Anne Walker is the mother of Lucas.

Bianca Barclay[]

Bianca and Lucas interacted after he was punished for the prank at the dance. He flirted with her, especially after she warned him away from Morning Song. They originally interacted as he was doing community service, then later met up at the Weathervane in Jericho.

Enid Sinclair[]

Enid and Lucas went to the Rave'N together. There is no romantic interest from either of them, as they both came in an attempt to make their respective partners jealous. They were at a friendly point after talking about hockey during the Rave'N, however, after Enid finds out that he was the one who orchestrated the events of the evening, the potential friendship shattered.


"So tell me, freak… you ever been with a normie?"
-Lucas to Wednesday[src]


Appears In[]

Wednesday Series

Mentioned In[]

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  • Lucas means bringer of light.
  • Walker means cloth washer.


  • In the original script, Lucas is 16 years old. [2]

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