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Wednesday and Lucas

Wednesday and Lucas portrayed by Krysta Rodriguez and Wesley Taylor

Lucas Beineke is an eighteen-year-old boy who appears in The Addams Family: A New Musical as Wednesday's love interest/fiance. He is a college student and is from Ohio. He is bringing his family to meet Wednesday and her parents.



Lucas first appears during the song, "One Normal Night" along with his parents, Malcolm and Alice. It is revealed shortly after his family's arrival to the Addams' house that he and Wednesday are engaged and Lucas wants their parents blessing. Wednesday says it doesn't matter and they get into a small argument that ends in them kissing and then agreeing on telling their families about their engagement at dinner. Wednesday and Lucas talk about spending their lives together and Lucas attempts to get on Pugsley's good side but Pugsley clearly dislikes him for "stealing" his sister.

At dinner,Lucas' mother, Alice is slipped "Acromonium" which makes her reveal her feelings about her and Mal's unhappy marriage in "Waiting". Mal is embarrassed and angry at all of the Addamses for this and attempts to make Lucas and Alice leave and go back to Ohio which causes Wednesday to blurt out that her and Lucas are getting married so he won't be leaving. This causes total chaos between the two families.


Wednesday attempts to make Lucas run away with her, but he refuses. Both angry and disapponted with him, she storms off. However, after the song, "Happy/Sad", Lucas reveals to Wednesday that he still loves her and to prove that they're meant for each other, he allows her to shoot an apple off of his head with a crossbow while blindfolded. "Crazier Than You". At the end of the musical, Lucas reveals that he wants to marry Wednesday because she makes him "totally crazy". While Wednesday wants to marry him because he "talks good" and is willing to die for her.


Lucas does not have his own solo song like many of the other characters. However he is involved in and has parts in a few songs, as well as being the reason for Wednesday's solo, "Pulled". The songs he is in, in order are:


Lucas is (for the most part), a fairly normal person. He writes poetry and is apparently a romantic. He also has a crazy and dark side, proven during "Crazier Than You". He also seems not to believe in traditional things like getting his parents blessing before getting married.


Lucas seems to be very much in love with Wednesday during the entire musical. He says that they met when he was lost in Central Park and saw Wednesday with her crossbow and he thought she looked like the Roman Goddess, Diana the Huntress.

He and Wednesday are seen kissing several times during the musical and are apparently very attracted to each other, somewhat mirroring the relationship of Gomez and Morticia.

Lucas' love for Wednesday goes so far that he isn't afraid of being killed by Wednesday's crossbow during "Crazier Than You" because she would be the last thing he would ever see (which she thinks is "so hot").

Background Information[]

  • Lucas was played by:
    • Wesley Taylor (Original Broadway Cast/2009-2011)
    • Jesse Swenson (Broadway/2011-2011)
    • Brian J. Crum (Tour/2011-2012)
    • Sam Sylvester-Allen (2015)
    • John-Carl Laidler (2017)
    • Bato Sargentelli (Brazil)
    • Oliver Ormson (UK Tour and Singapore 2017)
    • Oscar Valle (Guatemala 2018)