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Lloyd Barker
Lloyd Barker
Full Name: Lloyd Barker
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Portrayer Alfred E. Humphreys

Lloyd Barker was a parapsychologist, who together with his wife Julie formed the Ghost Toasters. They specialized in ghost removal and wore matching white jumpsuits with a large "Ghost Toasters" logo on their back (also visible on their suitcases). Their catchphrase was "Your ghost is toast" and other claims to fame included making an appearance on Oprah and being the creative consultants on the new Casper movie.

Lloyd had developed a Plasmo-Gun, which could theoretically trap a ghost within the confines of an energy field. However, the pair of them had not yet encountered an actual ghost before they were hired by the Addams Family to get rid of Uncle Jester. Entering the Addams cemetary, Julie enquired if the ghost had a regular time or pattern in which it appeared. Morticia Addams replied that Jester never missed the X-Files and Gomez Addams told Lloyd to hold somehting Jester was unable to resist: a custard pie. When an unseen force pushed the custard pie into Lloyd's face, Julie was certain Lloyd had done so himself in an effort to trick the Addamses (he had employed this technique before), but Lloyd ensured he he hadn't.

Then Jester appeared, seemingly in the flesh, and ran past the Barkers. Disappointed at the way he looked, Lloyd and Julie accused Jester of just being "some guy in a goofy costume". Lloyd told Gomez and Morticia they refused to waste their time on this prank and Julie threatened to leave. Jester asked them to stay a while and 'look around', after which he spun his head around. This made the Barkers scream in fear and run out of the cemetary as fast as possible.

However, Uncle Fester had managed to get his hands on the Ghost Toaster's Plasmo-Gun, and used it to trap Jester in it's forcefield. He would not be released until he promised to go haunt someone else and never to return.[1]


The New Addams Family episode:



  • Lloyd was played by Alfred E. Humphreys.
  • The Ghost Toasters are based on the Ghostbusters of the 1984 motion picture of the same name. Before the Addams family hires them, Fester ask aloud "Who ya gonna call?" and a pastiche of Ray Parker Jr's theme tune is briefly heard when they first appear.