Little Big Thing - Little Bad Riding Hood - Metamorphosister
Series The Addams Family (animated 1992)
Season 1
Original Airdate December 5, 1992
Story by

Little Big Thing: Earl Kress and Bill Matheny
Little Bad Riding Hood: Lane Raichert and Bill Matheny
Metamorphosister: Lane Raichert and Bill Matheny

Teleplay by

Little Big Thing: Earl Kress
Little Bad Riding Hood:Lane Raichert
Metamorphosister: Lane Raichert

Story Editors

Little Big Thing: Bill Matheny
Little Bad Riding Hood: Lane Raichert & Bill Matheny
Metamorphosister: Lane Raichert & Bill Matheny


Little Big Thing: As The Addams Family is Moonbathing, they notice Granny's sight is getting blurry. Morticia recommends that she get some glasses. They go to an eyeglass shop, but she doesn't like any of the glasses, thinking she looks better without them. Back home, she tries to read Thing's palm, but finds it too small for her to read. Granny uses Uncle Fester's Growth Spray on him, but misreads the dosage, causes Thing to grow twenty feet tall. They eventually send Thing through the car wash to shrink him, and Granny realizes she needs glasses after all.

Ooky Food

  • Beaks and Bacon Casserole
  • Bat-Wing Soup

Little Bad Riding Hood: Wednesday reads her new story Little Bad Riding Hood to Pugsley. In this version of the fairy tale, Wednesday is Little Bad Riding Hood, Thing is Littler Red Riding Hand, and Pugsley is the Big Bad Wolf. As in the original, the Wolf arrives first at Granny's, but since Wednesday wrote the story, he takes much more abuse than usual.

Metamorphosister: Anxious to return some of the torment that Wednesday has given him, Pugsley and Thing notice the dogcatcher casing the neighborhood and plan to use a formula to turn Wednesday into a dog. He mixes a concoction with the chemistry set Uncle Fester taught him to use, but it turns her into a porcupine. After removing the quills from his backside and tries again, turning her into a grizzly, then a wildebeest, then a rhinoceros, each form pummeling him in a new way. He expresses his frustration that he wasn't able to turn her into a dog so she could enjoy the misery of the dog pound, but she says nothing pleases her more than bashing him so he lets her continue, as Thing transforms her into an elephant, and a moose, and...


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