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Lela Bliss

Lela Bliss (11 May 1896 - 15 May 1980) was an American actress. She made her first silent film, Pretty Mrs. Smith, in 1915 and appeared in at least forty movies through the 1960s.

During the 1950s, Bliss also appeared frequently in popular television shows, including My Little Margie as Trixie Wilson, the mother of Margie's boyfriend in the 1952 episode "Vern's Chums", The Twilight Zone, Maverick, and Mister Ed.


Bliss played Mrs. Saunders in The Addams Family episode "The Addams Family in Court".


She and her husband, Canadian actor Harry Hayden, ran the Bliss-Hayden School of Acting at 254 South Robertson Boulevard in Beverly Hills, and their students included Veronica Lake, Mamie Van Doren, and Betty White.