Kitty Kat is the family pet of Morticia Addams.

When Kitty Kat wanders through The Addams Family Mansion, he unwittingly frightens all of their visitors. Though obviously a male lion, Wednesday says "she" once ate a zookeeper and got a very upset stomach.[1] Without his drinking fountain he isn't his old playful self.[2] An apparently ailing Kitty Kat is examined by the doctor.[3]

Kitty Kat's father once ate Dr. M'bogo's father. Since then, Dr. Mbogo has refused to treat lions.

Animal Actor

The lion from the original series was raised and trained by animal handler Steve Martin (no relation to the comedian). Most of the lion's appearances were actually scenes from stock footage of the lion walking down the main stairs or growling into the camera.

In The New Addams Family, Kitty Kat is a female lion played by Shoshoni.[4]


Since he appears in the title sequence, Kitty Kat technically appears in every episode of The Addams Family, but he appears in the main story of these original series episodes:

The Addams Family 1973 animated episodes:

The television special:

The New Addams Family episodes:

The film:



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