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"Wait. There's a riddle? I thought we just snapped twice!?"

Kent is a siren student at Nevermore Academy. He is a member of the Nightshade Society and appears to be close friends with Bianca and Divina. He first appears when Enid Sinclair is giving Wednesday Addams a tour of the school and is sitting on the fountain, speaking to fellow sirens Bianca and Divina. In the series, Kent is a minor character who appears in all episodes.

He appears in the Netflix show Wednesday.


In "Chapter I: Wednesday's Child Is Full of Woe", Kent is seen standing near the fountain, talking to Bianca and his twin sister, Divina.

Kent is a major character in Chapter II: Woe Is the Loneliest Number and serves as an antagonist to Wednesday Addams and Enid Sinclair's team in the Poe Cup. Kent acts as an additional member to Bianca Barclay's team, the "Gold Bugs," and is responsible for using his siren abilities to sabotage the other teams. After being signaled by Bianca to dive in and transform, he successfully eliminates an opposing team, the "Pit and the Pendulum'," which he clearly enjoys. In an attempt to sink the "Black Cats," he is trapped in a net and sunk to the bottom of the lake. After an unknown amount of time, he manages to escape in preparation for the last part of the race. Once there are only two teams remaining, Kent swims back up to once again try to sink the "Black Cats." He is again unsuccessful, as this time, Thing swims towards him and punches him right in the face, rendering him unconscious and proving how strong the hand is. As he sinks to the bottom of the lake, the "Black Cats" win the Poe Cup. Kent can be seen with a black eye following the events of the Poe Cup, thanks to Thing's handy digits. When Wednesday is trying to leave the Nightshade lair, Kent blocks her and is promptly threatened with the possibility of receiving another facial injury.

As a Nightshade, Kent can be seen in scenes alongside the rest of the members. He is present when they tie up Wednesday for trespassing and when Tyler Galpin is chained up by him and the other Nightshades when they find out he is the Hyde. He is one of the first Nightshade members to leave Wednesday and Tyler before she starts torturing him, and he is one of the members who informs Larissa Weems of what is happening. On behalf of all the Nightshades, Bianca apologizes to Wednesday later in the episode for getting her expelled, saying it wasn't their intention to do so. He was last seen just after the battle with Joseph Crackstone, but is presumably going home with Divina for the summer.


Kent has long brown hair, which he wears out and slicked back. He has striking pale blue-green eyes, a trademark sign of sirens, and defined facial features.

Kent wears his uniform with the blazer unbuttoned and the vest showing, but otherwise there are minimal alterations to the uniform. Outside of his uniform, Kent wears layered hoodies and coats.

At the Rave'N, Kent is wearing a white vest, a white belt, and white pants. Under the vest, he wears a collared blue shirt. His shoes are white with black heels. He wears his hair slicked back as usual.


Kent appears more charismatic than his sister and is friendly with his schoolmates. Kent is not very smart, as he was the only member of the Nightshades who didn't know there was a riddle to get into the secret library and believed they only had to snap twice.

Powers / Abilities / Weaknesses[]


  • Siren Song: As a siren, Kent has the ability to use his voice to manipulate the feelings, thoughts, and actions of others. Whenever this ability is used, it appears as magenta sound waves.
  • Limited Transformation: As a siren, Kent has the ability to change his legs into a long blue mermaid tail whenever he submerges himself in water. While in this form, his hands become webbed, and he grows razor-sharp claws. So far, Kent is the only siren seen to use this ability, which he used to sink the other boats during the Poe Cup to help ensure the sirens' team won.
  • Aquatic Breathing: Kent is shown to breathe in both water and air and is capable of staying underwater as long as he likes.


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Bianca Barclay[]

Bianca and Kent are friends who are both in the Nightshade Society. Kent helps Bianca sabotage the other teams in the Poe Cup, and they are both sirens. Bianca, Kent, and Divina are seen together near the fountain and are seen interacting throughout the course of the series.


Kent and Divina are twins and are shown to have a close and friendly relationship. He dances near his sister at the Rave'N. They are both Nightshades.


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Wednesday Series

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  • Kent means edge or bordering of a circle.


  • In the original script, Kent is 16 years old. [1]

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