Judge womack

Judge Womack was the The Addams Family's nearest neighbor.

He was constantly enraged when his house was hit by Gomez Addams' hitting golf balls off the Addams mansion roof, frequently breaking the windows of Womack's home. Womack was the auctioneer of a charity auction benefiting orphans and widows. He was sprayed by Wednesday's "blood" during the sword fight scene at the school play.

Tully Alford convinced Judge Womack to grant the sole title of the Addams Family mansion to Uncle Fester while issuing the other members a thousand-yard restraining order. When Gomez fought this order in court, Judge Womack ruled against him out of spite, though he did give Gomez his golf balls back.

However, it can be said that he is forced to rescind the restraining order and allow the Addams to return to their mansion.


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