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Judge Womack was the The Addams Family's nearest grouchy neighbor.


He has a strong and one-sided hatred of Gomez Addams, as the latter keeps hitting golf balls off the Addams mansion roof and letting them break into his house. Womack was the auctioneer of a charity auction benefiting orphans and widows. He was sprayed with Wednesday's "blood" during the sword fight scene at the school play.

Tully Alford convinced Judge Womack to grant the sole title of the Addams Family mansion to Uncle Fester, as he is the older brother, while issuing the other members a thousand-yard restraining order. When Gomez fought this order in court, Judge Womack ruled against him, as he now has the opportunity to make Gomez suffer for his kookiness, though he nevertheless gave him back his golf balls.

While not seen again afterwards, following the defeat of Tully and Abigail Craven, Judge Womack was apparently forced to rescind the restraining order and allow the Addams family to return to their mansion.


Womack is an older man, likely in his late middle age, with short gray hair and a mustache.


Womack appears to be an ordinary man who likes to take part in charities, but he greatly dislikes Gomez Addams for constantly breaking his windows with his golf balls. Due to this, Womack is willing to side with Fester for control of the Addams family mansion and has allowed a restraining order to be placed against Gomez.

According to deleted scenes, Womack never approved of Tully marrying his sister, Margaret. Despite this, Womack is willing to side with Tully when necessary, particularly when the Addams are involved.

Powers / Abilities / Weaknesses[]


As a human, Judge Womack does not have any powers.


  • Legal Intelligence: As an influential judge, Womack knows all about the law and legal proceedings.
  • Wealth: In addition to being a judge, Womack lives in a three-story mansion, implying he is a wealthy man.


  • Mortality: As a human, Womach can die by ordinary means.


Gomez Addams[]

"Damn you Addams!"
-Womack reacting to finding a golf ball in his breakfast cereal

Womack's neighbor, Gomez Addams, has a habit of golfing on the balcony of the Addams mansion. When this happens, when Gomez hits the golf ball, it goes flying over to Womack's house, breaking a window and frequently disturbing Womack's peace.

Womack has a lot of animosity for this, though Gomez apologizes and says his neighbor can keep the golf ball for himself. Due to this, Womack rules in favor of Fester and Abigail Craven in ownership of the Addams mansion, as well as upholding their restraining order against the rest of the Addams family. Womack did allow Gomez to keep one possession from the mansion, pouring out a large bucket-full of golf balls for the Addams to claim.

Margaret Alford[]

In a deleted scene, it is mentioned that Womack is the brother of Margaret Alford.


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  • In the SNES game, Judge Womack is described as the final boss in the manual. However, the final boss within the game looks nothing like him, being a clean-shaven and very muscular man wearing a judicial wig and robes, resembling a stereotypical judge. This boss character is also referred to as the Nasty Judge.
  • In a deleted scene, it is stated that Judge Womack and Margaret Alford are siblings. Both Womack and their mother had advised that Margaret not marry Tully Alford. [1]

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