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"Goody Addams! You have been judged before God and found guilty. You are a witch, a sorceress, Lucifer's mistress herself. For your sins, you will burn this night, and suffer the flames of eternal hellfire."
-Joseph Crackstone to Goody Addams

Joseph Crackstone is the overarching antagonist of the first season of Wednesday. He is Laurel Gates' ancestor from the 1600s and a prominent pilgrim who despises outcasts. He accuses Goody Addams of being a witch before burning a crypt full of outcasts to the ground. She escapes and later kills Joseph before locking his corpse in a blood-locked coffin.

In the show, his descendant Marilyn Thornhill uses blood from Wednesday Addams' hand to bring him back to life. After he stabs Wednesday in the chest, he heads to massacre the students at Nevermore Academy. Soon after setting the stone fountain ablaze, Wednesday confronts him with a sword, and they fight. Ultimately losing the duel, he is stabbed through his black heart by Wednesday and implodes, dying a second time for good.

He appears in the Netflix show Wednesday.


In 1625, Joseph Crackstone was one of the original pilgrims to colonize and settle the location on which Nevermore Academy stands today and held a high position among the pilgrims. He despises outcasts and convinces his fellow pilgrims that they are evil and ungodly, leading them on a murderous spree. It is unknown how many people he killed, but it is stated that he nearly wiped out all outcasts from the face of the earth.

Eventually, Goody Addams, a young girl whom he accused of being a witch and who escaped the crypt that he burned multiple other outcasts— including Goody’s own mother—in, killed him, cursed his soul, and sealed him in a coffin with a blood lock.

His family legacy continued after his death, and his family spread lies about him being kind to outcasts and a hard worker. As time went on, he became famous in Jericho as a pioneer and was praised for his work in settling the land. Pilgrim World was built in his honor, and a statue of Joseph was erected. His journey is depicted through paintings displayed in Pilgrim World.

For Outreach day in 2022, Noble Walker, mayor of Jericho, and Larissa Weems, principal of the Nevermore Academy, inaugurated a fountain with his statue before Wednesday Addams, Goody's descendant, blew it up.

He is subsequently revived by Laurel Gates, his descendant, so he can resume his crusade against outcasts. Though grateful to his descendant and eager to have her join him at first, by the time they arrive at Nevermore, he has grown tired of her eager rambling and has threatened her until she leaves. He makes an attempt to set fire to the school, but Wednesday stabs him through the heart and kills him permanently.


Joseph has an average build with brown hair and blue eyes. Famously donning a signature top hat, cane, and cloak, he is often depicted as smiling in Pilgrim World, though in reality the only smiles he ever allows himself to have are sadistic ones. Crackstone's fashion is relevant to the standards of his time, sporting well-kept mid-length brown hair and a doublet. After his death, he becomes mostly bald with only small gray hairs; his eyes have diminished to grey; and his skin almost looks green and is very decayed, as well as his outfit, which has weathered from centuries of being dead while wearing it. For some reason, he seems to dislike what he looks like while undead; he even grows angry when his hat is kicked off by Wednesday, which could be due to being bald all of a sudden.


Joseph Crackstone had a deep hatred for outcasts and, like his later descendants, was ruthless and would do anything to achieve his goals. Crackstone was heartless and cruel, relishing the prospect of burning anyone who was "unworthy." It is believed that Crackstone was a religious extremist, citing the belief that the Outcasts were "witches" who were affiliated with Satan as a reason to kill them. When it comes to them, he is slightly sadistic, allowing a proud smile as he watches the crypt they are in burn in one of Wednesday's visions; however, he has limits; he frequently has other people light the fires to kill the Outcasts for him, not wanting to do the deed himself despite wanting to, and he is only seen outright hurting outcasts when he hits Goody in retaliation for her stabbing him. It is unknown how he treated his family, but since they all respected him and later spread lies about him being a person who wanted to unite outcasts and normies, it can be concluded that he was probably respectful to them, at least when they agreed with his ideals.

However, when brought back from the dead, he takes on more evil attributes: he becomes a hedonistic, vile sociopath who enjoys taunting and murdering outcasts, smiling and laughing in an almost demonic way as he does so. His religious extremism has blinded him to the point where he seems to see others as pawns that he dismisses and treats with ruthlessness. This behavior extends even to his own family; he only allows Laurel to kiss his ring because she was the one who revived him, otherwise wanting her to not be near him, even threatening to remove her tongue when he gets annoyed with her and wants her to be quiet (although it is suggested he is grateful towards her, he clearly has a terrible way of showing it). He lacks full remorse or guilt for everything that he ever did, alive or un-dead, rationalizing and using religion to try to justify his evil deeds, to the point where it seems he doesn't care about said religion at all and is happy simply to destroy outcasts in any way. His ideals shaped a family of religiously fanatical sociopaths like himself, though their sociopathy never reached his level.

He seems to no longer have the same religious motivation to kill outcasts when he is dead because he simply calls them "abominations" and does not refer to them as having anything to do with Satan. However, he continues to speak about Hell when threatening Wednesday and was about to kill her before Bianca saved her. And, rather than seeing her as another outcast as he did when he was alive, he has an intense hatred towards her and hates her the most out of any other outcast, as when he sees Wednesday, he abandons threatening two outcasts to fight her instead, showing a vengeful and spiteful side of himself, even after centuries and being resurrected. He does seem quite hypocritical, attempting to murder innocents who had nothing to do with him and his vengeance while claiming that he does it in order to "save" everyone from outcasts and their "demonic" powers.

Powers / Abilities / Weaknesses[]


  • Sorcerer: When he was brought back to life, he was able to use a magic staff to cast powerful spells and conjure flames.


  • Leadership: Joseph was able to convince his fellow pilgrims to kill outcasts.


  • Stabbing: According to Goody Addams, the only way to kill Joseph after he was brought back to life was to stab him through his "black heart".


Goody Addams[]

He is an enemy of the Addams family, as Goody is the person responsible for his murder.

Marilyn Thornhill/Laurel Gates[]

His descendant, Laurel Gates, revered him for his persecution of outcasts, seeing him as a hero who was protecting normies from monsters. She went to great lengths to resurrect him, and he was initially grateful to her for it, allowing her to kiss his ring, though he does not seem to want to speak to her other than that, suggesting he may not have cared too much. However, she soon started to annoy him by continuously rambling about how much she was enjoying this, causing him to threaten her with removing her tongue if she didn't leave him alone. Laurel wasn't pleased with this and left bitterly, saying that one shouldn't meet their heroes.

Wednesday Addams[]

His hatred for the Addams family continues after his resurrection with his multiple attempts to kill Wednesday Addams, believing she is Goody as they have similar appearances.


  • Unnamed outcasts
  • Nevermore Students


  • Abuse of power
  • Arson
  • Assault and battery
  • Child Murder
  • Conspiracy
  • Corruption
  • Genocide
  • Hate crimes
  • Malefic
  • Terrorism


"You are abominations in the Devil's grip! I will not stop till I have expunged this New World of every outcast. Godless creatures!"
-Joseph Crackstone to Outcasts in 1625

"Set it ablaze!"
-Crackstone ordering to his fellow pilgrims to burn all the outcasts in 1625

"Silence, woman! Be gone, or I Will cut thy tongue from thy wretched mouth!"
-Joseph Crackstone ordering Marilyn Thornhill to stop talking


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Wednesday Series

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Wednesday Series


  • Joseph means "God will give", referencing how he is a religious fanatic.


  • In life, he participated in witch trials.

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