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Af hole

Jonathan Hole (13 August 1904 – 11 February 1998) was an American actor. His entertainment career covered five different genres. From his early days on the vaudeville stage and in legitimate theater, through radio, television, and feature-length films that took his career up to the 1990s, Hole created a variety of characters in hundreds of roles.

Hole carved out a long career in television, beginning in 1951 with an appearance in Hollywood Theatre Time, in the episode "Mr. Young's Sprouts", which starred Gale Storm and Don DeFore. He often made repeat appearances in television shows, appearing in multiple episodes playing different roles. He appeared seven times each in Dragnet, Burke's Law, and Green Acres. He appeared in five Maverick episodes, and five times in CBS's Perry Mason. Hole appeared twice in ABC's The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp with Hugh O'Brian. He appeared in episodes 5 and 48 of Batman. Twice he played the part of Elmer Clark in Walter Brennan's The Real McCoys. Hole also guest starred in The Andy Griffith Show as Orville Monroe, the undertaker. He made two hundred appearances in 121 television shows and made-for-television movies. His final television appearance was in Silhouette, a 1990 murder mystery starring Faye Dunaway.


Hole played Professor Simms in The Addams Family episode "The Addams Family Tree".