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Joel Glicker is a tritagonist in Addams Family Values. He was played by David Krumholtz.


He is a fourteen-year-old boy who is plagued by allergies. After he meets Wednesday Addams at Camp Chippewa, he tells her that he's allergic "to almost everything" while they're sitting by the lake one night. In one memorable conversation, she asks him if he believes in the existence of evil, and he replies, grinning, "Did you meet my mom?" At Uncle Fester and Debbie's wedding, Joel wore a yarmulke.

He confirms her suspicions that Debbie Jellinsky is the "Black Widow" and Uncle Fester is her next target.

Thanksgiving Eventual[]

At the end of camp, the campers stage a play about "The First Thanksgiving," with the "good" kids cast as the pilgrims and the social outcasts as Chippewa natives, with Wednesday as Pocahontas. When Wednesday, Pugsley, and Joel refuse to participate in the play, all three are locked in the "Harmony Hut" and forced to watch movies and TV shows ranging from Bambi to Lassie Come Home, The Little Mermaid, The Sound of Music, The Brady Bunch, and Annie. When the three come out, they pretend that they have had a change of heart; Wednesday even forces herself to smile, which elicits gasps of fear from the other campers.

During the performance, Joel plays an Indian Chief betrothed to Pocahontas (played by Wednesday) "in the play", he adds, slightly embarrassed. As the play progresses, Wednesday breaks out of character, makes a speech about how the American colonists will later exploit the Native Americans in the future, and leads the other outcasts in revolt, destroying the set and tying Amanda up to be burned at the stake. Wednesday and Joel flee to the Chippewa fence as Pugsley steals a camp van. After hopping the fence, Wednesday asks Joel to come with them. He declines, saying he needs to go back to the others and "watch the place burn". Realizing they may never see each other, the two young lovers exchange (relatively) emotional goodbyes and share a kiss through the chain link fence. Afterward, the Addams siblings flee for home.

The Party[]

After Debbie is killed via electrocution, Gomez and Morticia throw a birthday party for Pubert. Joel, dressed like Gomez, sneaks off to the graveyard with Wednesday. He tells her that her family is "really interesting" and that her parents "are so involved with each other." He asks her if she'd want to get married and have kids. She tells him, "No." Then he asks her what she would do if she met the right man who worshiped and adored her and who'd be her devoted slave, to which she replies, "I'd pity him." Joel nods and then looks at Debbie's tombstone, walks over, and kneels down in front of it. He then says, "Poor Debbie. She was sick." Wednesday disagrees, remarking that Debbie was "sloppy" and elaborating that if she wanted to kill her husband and not be caught, she'd do it by "scaring him to death."

As Joel lays flowers on Debbie's grave, a hand breaks the surface and grabs his arm. Wednesday looks on, satisfied with Joel's screams and using her newfound skill, smiling.


He is fourteen years old. He wears glasses and has black hair.


He is an introvert.

Powers and Abilities[]

As a human, Joel does not exhibit any supernatural powers or abilities.






Appears In[]

Addams Family Values




  • Some fans believe Joel died of fright after the hand grabbed him. Others believe he simply got scared and ran away. Either way, it is unlikely he maintained a relationship with Wednesday and the rest of the family after that incident.

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