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"It's a brisk 25-minute walk, or there's a shuttle on weekends. The locals are a tad bit wary about Nevermore, so please don't go making any waves, or perpetuating any outcast stereotypes."
-Marilyn Thornhill

Jericho is an American town located in the state of Vermont, where mostly normies reside. The city is located not far from the Nevermore Academy, the American academy for outcasts.

Jericho is the second main location of the Netflix series Wednesday.


Jericho was founded in 1625 by the pilgrim Joseph Crackstone. The same year, Crackstone and the pilgrims burned a house with many outcasts inside. One of these people, Goody Addams, manages to escape and kills Crackstone.

Today, Jericho is a small American country town with many shops, boutiques, and notable places dating from the time of the pilgrims. Many of the Jericho locals are wary of Nevermore students as they tend to cause issues in the town. There is also a sense of tension between its citizens and the students due to prejudice at the school. The current mayor is unknown after the death of Noble Walker, who was a normie and the former sheriff of the town.


Current Residents[]

Former Residents[]

Activities & Events[]

Jericho's Harvest Festival[]

The Harvest Festival is an event that presumably takes place in the town every year. It takes place in a field in the town, with fair rides, stalls, and a fireworks event in the evening. Nevermore Academy, as part of its efforts to maintain good relations between the people of Jericho, itself requires mandatory attendance for its students.

Outreach Day[]

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Jericho High School[]

Jericho High School is first mentioned in Chapter III: Friend or Woe by Larissa Weems. JHS has a marching band.

Farmer's Market[]

On Wednesday's first trip into Jericho, there was a farmer's market being set up by the gazebo in the town square. After escaping out of Dr. Kinbott's office, Wednesday bumped into a grumpy farmer with a crate of apples, causing her to have a psychic vision of his death. [1]


Weathervane (2022) 001

The Weathervane is the local cafe and bakery in Jericho. It is located on the corner of the main town square and main street. Tyler Galpin worked as a part-time barista. This cafe is very popular with the locals as it is considered one of the very few places in town to go.


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Apple Blossom Inn[]

Hotel (2022) 001

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Town Hall[]

Jericho Town Hall (2022) 001

Located on the main street close to the main square.


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The focal point of the town, this church was located in the very center of Jericho, with the main square surrounding it. On the town's side is a graveyard.


The cemetery is next to the church. It holds Noble Walker, Joshua W. Rhodes, and Garrett Gates' tombstones.

Jericho General Hospital[]

Jericho General Hospital (2022) 001

Eugene Ottinger spent time in the hospital recovering from the hyde attack. Mayor Noble also stays here while recovering from being hit by a car, though he is later killed in the hospital.

Jericho Offices[]

Jericho Offices (2022) 001

This building houses many offices within it. It is near the church. These offices are:

  • Dr. Valerie Kinbott - Psychotherapist
  • Millar & Gough - Realty
  • Harpers & Co. - Personal injury attorneys
  • N. Testa - Attorney at law

Hawte Kewture[]

Hawte Kewture (2022) 002

Hawte Kewture is Jericho's fashion store. This store contains dresses and other accessories. It was at this store that many girls from Nevermore Academy would shop for outfits prior to the Rave'N.

Sheriff's Office[]

Sheriff's Department (2022) 001

Located in Jericho in a street behind the town hall. Sheriff Donovan Galpin had his office here.

Uriah's Heap[]

Uriah's Heap (2022) 002

Uriah's Heap is Jericho's antique store. While relatively small, this store contains a mixture of antiques, thrift items, stuffed small animals dressed up in tiny costumes, and occasional clothing, including vintage dresses.

Locations nearby[]

Nevermore Academy[]

Nevermore Academy is a school for Outcasts.

Crackstone Crypt[]

Crackstone's crypt is on Raven Island.

Pilgrim World[]

Pilgrim World (2022) 003

On the outskirts of the town, Pilgrim World was owned and run by the local mayor to help boost the town's economy with tourism. It was made to imitate early settler life in Jericho, but was aimed more as a business than a genuine authentic experience. Some of the buildings are accessible, such as Ye Old Fugery; however, many are facades with only the fronts built.

Original Pilgrim Meeting House[]

The meeting house was burned down in the 1600s.

Burlington Station[]

Burlington Station (2022) 002

Burlington Station is a train station near Jericho.


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Wednesday series

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  • The entire premise is fictional. There is a real town of Jericho, Vermont, which was actually founded by U.S. statesman Ira Allen and American Revolutionary War soldier Remember Baker. The real community of Jericho is located about one and a half hours' drive from Burlington, Vermont, which is consistent with the details included in the TV show.

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